Major Problems To Look for When Buying a House

Arguably, buying a house is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your lifetime. For first time buyers, it can be an overwhelming time and understandably, you want to find your dream home as soon as possible. 

Whilst you may be looking for the ‘one’ chasing that elusive feeling that confirms this is your new home, don’t forget to keep your eye out for any telltale signs that your dream home isn’t as dreamy as it looks at first glance!

Major Problems To Look for When Buying a House
Major Problems To Look for When Buying a House

Roof Damage.

Before you head indoors, look up at the roof and see if you can spot any missing slates or noticeable damage. you may not always be able to spot any issues but it worth checking anyway just in case.

When you head upstairs, look up at the ceilings for warning signs that all isn’t well with the roof. Yellow/Brownish water stains, mould and damp spots are all indicators that there is damage to the roof and it is letting in water. Head to the attic if you can to get a better look at the condition of the roof. It may be that you need a small repair or full roof restoration. But knowing in advance before you submit an offer will let you know what work will need carrying out before you move in.

Damp Problems.

Harder to spot, especially if the sellers have tried covering it up but you can still keep an eye out for warning signs your home has damp. What exactly should you be looking for?

  • Wet Walls – feel the walls, especially at the bottom of the outside walls. If they’re wet to touch then it may be a sign there is a damp problem.
  • Peeling Paint/Wallpaper – Look closely at the walls and see if you can see the wallpaper coming unstuck from the walls. Damp causes wallpaper to fall off so pay close attention, again especially in corners and at the bottom of walls.
  • Fresh Paint – Some people may paint over damp stains to cover them up. you will still be able to smell or possibly see freshly painted walls. Does one wall or area look fresher than the rest of the room? This could be a giveaway that damp has been covered up.

Plumbing and Electrical Issues

Having to completely overhaul your plumbing and electrics is a huge and costly job when buying a house. Check all amenities in the home if you can or look for signs that there may be an issue. Turn all switches on and cooker/fires. Ask for any paperwork for electrical and gas checks. If they have been checked regularly you can be sure there shouldn’t be any major issues.

The same with plumbing. Turn on taps and ask how long ago the boiler was installed. Are the radiators leaking and do they have a modern system? A boiler can be a huge expense should it break down or need fully replacing. So checking on its condition will let you know if you should expect any issues should you buy the house.

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