Rachel’s Annual Christmas Gift Guide 2021

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It’s that time of year again when I’m sharing with you my annual Christmas gift guide. I’m pretty sure the time gets shorter each year! Last year’s gift guide is still live here if you are looking for even more gift ideas. But I’m pretty sure I have got you covered in this one! I’ve divided the gift guide up into sections – Adult Gifts, Food and Drink, Beauty, Toys and Games, Useful Gifts, Gifts for Pets, and my annual Christmas giveaway. Which will be right at the bottom of this bumper guide.


Rachel's Annual Christmas Gift Guide 2021

Adult Gifts

Fun, thoughtful and special gifts. Something just for them or the whole family.

Epic Escapes – Escape Room In a Box (3in1)

You get everything in the box that you need to make your own fully immersive escape room (3 times) without even having to escape the house! Teamwork, creativity, logic, and attention to detail will be needed to unlock the door and make your escape in time! There are fool-proof clear instructions with hint cards, high-quality puzzles, hardware and other necessary consumables you’ll need for the escape rooms.

The box is epic! You have everything you need for hours of fun! Perfect for that time between Christmas and New Year when you don’t have a clue what to do!!

Available to buy here at Epic Escapes for £99 with free shipping.

Epic Escapes - Escape Room In a Box (3in1)

Peter Rabbit Figurine – Caught in Mr. McGregor’s Garden

Award-winning folk artist Jim Shore brings his unique style to Beatrix Potter’s beloved story, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. This Jim Shore figurine features the adventurous Rabbit after he’s squeezed under the garden gate to gorge on Mr. McGregor’s garden vegetables again. He suddenly is startled by a sound and decides to quickly escape and return home. Presented in a beautiful branded gift box

Northern Lights Power Model Building

Running a toy workshop around the clock uses a lot of electricity. Thankfully for Santa, elf scientists have harnessed the power of the Northern Lights into a limitless source of clean energy. Features a plasma globe creating the electric light effect. 

We absolutely love this model from Department 56! Just wait until you see it in the dark! A great gift for someone who loves Christmas!

Northern Lights Power Model Building

German Nutcracker King – Purple

Nutcrackers are world-famous as a Christmas decoration so they make the perfect gift around the holidays. If you have friends or family that like doing up their homes with Christmas decorations, the nutcracker will be a perfect addition. It is made by hand in Germany and will keep bringing joy to the receiver year after year. 

Nutcrackers come in a variety of colours, costumes and different heights to suit everyone’s taste.

We absolutely love this purple nutcracker, it would make a lovely Christmas gift to the person who adores Christmas in your family.

Here you can buy this German Nutcracker King.

German nutcracker King purple

Fizzy Bath Bombs Starter Kit

Fizzy Bath Bombs

There is everything you need in this Fizzy Bath Bombs Starter Kit to make your own bath bombs. It can be tailored to include your own choice of essential oils, petals and colours. This natural ingredients kit will make 6 bath bombs.

A wonderful gift for someone who loves to make their own cosmetics and skincare products.

Hubble 1000 Piece Jigsaw

Choose 1 of 3 cosmic NASA jigsaw puzzles of the beautiful galactic space as seen through a Hubble Space Telescope.

The colours to choose from are yellow, blue and pink. 

Each jigsaw puzzle is a unique design that is sure to relax your mind as you put it together piece by piece. If you love the finished piece so much, you could frame it and hang it on a wall at home. Or, break apart the pieces to enjoy another round of celestial jigsaw fun all over again. 

Great for people who are starry-eyed about space and enjoy mindfulness activities.

Available to buy from Find me a Gift

Hubble 1000 Piece Jigsaw

Ballonet Socks

Ballonet socks are made from brushed cotton yarns without polyester, therefore they look bright, eye-catching and durable. They feel super soft, comfy and breathable. They have pre-packed gift boxes and socks bundles too –  great for a Secret Santa!

Ballonet Socks

All available with free UK deliveries from their website: www.ballonet.net

They also reduce waste by upcycling imperfect socks to little items that are available at their weekly markets.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Board Game

Bring home the nation’s favourite game show and go head-to-head with your family and friends in the race to reach £1 million.

Relive classic moments from the show and tackle the iconic money ladder using only your wits and digital lifelines (accessible through a smart device) to reach the top. But watch out! Get a question wrong and you fall back to your closest safe haven.

Available to buy from Smyths.

Lolita – Dandelion Wishes stemless glass

This simple yet stunning glass gives a close-up of a dandelion being blown. Lolita glasses combine hand-painted accents with sassy messages that help you celebrate any occasion in style. Arrives in a beautiful gift box with Lolita’s signature painted under the base of the glass. Made from artisan blown glass. A lovely gift idea.

Lolita - Dandelion Wishes stemless glass

Poster Prints from Ink and Drop

How about giving a special print to a loved one at Christmas? Ink and Drop have a huge range of different prints across many styles and they are all available online. Prices range from £13 – £75 making them super popular at Christmas! I love these ones we got sent!


Carnovsky Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

This beautiful 500 piece animal-themed jigsaw puzzle explores the interaction between colour and light through the visionary work of Carnovsky. Three different images sit on top of each other, and the resulting picture is unexpected and mesmerizing. The colours mix up and the lines and shapes entwine as your eyes try to make sense of what they see. Use the red, green, and blue viewing glasses included to isolate each layer of the image, turning one puzzle into three stunning pictures.

Available to buy from *Amazon.

Carnovsky Animal Jigsaw Puzzle

Custom Word Home Block

Brighten up any surface or mantelpiece with our personalised home word block. Your chosen image is printed directly on to a metal sheet that sits in the ‘O’. Due to its thickness, the block is able to be free-standing. The white-coated wood makes for a stylish addition to any home decor, while the image adds that extra special personal touch. I love it!

Available to buy from ASDA Photo.


Henry Bell Wild Bird Care

The Henry Bell Sterling Feeding Station is an elegant display of decorative leaves and hanging hooks and is very distinctive – standing at 218cm in height. All Henry Bell Sterling Feeders (Seed, Fat Ball, Peanut and Sunflower Heart) are robust and long-lasting. The perfect gift for a bird lover in your life.

The Henry Bell Grand Sterling Feeders range is a majestic 60cm tall and makes a stunning silver statement in the garden. The range includes a Grand Seed Feeder and Grand Peanut Feeder which both include eight unique Henry Bell perch rings, allowing birds to feed in greater comfort and bring some magical tweeting activity to your gardens!

Available to buy here www.food4wildbirds.co.uk


Absolutely Bear Men’s Socks

Absolutely bear is a sustainable men’s British clothing line with an eco-conscious and sustainable mindset at the forefront of every new clothing creation. Every item has been designed to introduce men to a more ethical way of shopping, yet still bringing style to their wardrobe.

The Bear x Socks Gift Box 3-Pack are soft, comfortable organic cotton socks featuring 3 designs defined by simplicity, fun and style. A classic yet sustainable gift for his stocking filler.

Absolutely Bear Men's Socks

Mood Cards from The Mood Club

The Mood Cards are a set of 20 practical activities to get into a positive mindset and encourage mindfulness, self-care, confidence, personal development and emotional resilience. They have been very popular in the past months as the perfect gift to support loved ones to improve their own well-being and embrace positive habits one day at a time.

The sets of cards are £12.50 each and entirely produced in the UK, by carbon-neutral manufacturers. The cards are printed on FSC paper and have a bio lamination, which makes them compostable and 100% plastic-free. They come in a lovely tin box that is reusable too.    

Available to buy here from The Mood Club.

Mood Cards from The Mood Club

The Face Yoga Journal

This interactive journal includes 52 brand-new exercises, motivational quotes and weekly wellness hacks to help you set your own goals, allowing you to get healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin by just dedicating a minimum of 2 minutes a day.

It is more important than ever to look after ourselves and carve out time in our busy lives to relax. If you’re not sure where to start, start with this 52-week journal.

Available to buy from *Amazon and all good book stockists.

The-Face yoga-Journal

Vegan Bunny Self Care Candles

Vegan Bunny has a lovely collection of self care candles perfect for gifts. They are eco-friendly candles that are Plastic-free, Zero waste, Vegan & Cruelty-free, 100% natural ingredients, Reduced Product Packaging, Sustainably sourced materials, and Handcrafted using Green & Vegan energy. They smell absolutely divine!

vegan bunny candles

Love Leggings

Staying comfortable has become more important than ever. Don’t you think? And that makes a soft and cosy pair of Love Leggings the perfect way to show you care. I love these casual grey marl lounge leggings! They are super soft and snuggly!

With many different collections available you’re sure to find something for any style. Shop here!

Love Leggings

Echor Sleep – End of Day Pillow Spray

Echor Sleep Pillow Spray is a long-lasting room mist/ pillow mist. 100% pure essential oil blend including Lavender, Geranium, Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange. I found it amazing to use. The smell is fantastic and completely relaxing. A lovely stocking filler gift for a loved one.

Available to buy from Echor.

End of day pillow spray

Lily & Loaf organic essential oil

Extracted from the rinds of citrus fruit, this sweet and fresh fragrance can help induce feelings of calm, relaxation, and ease. As well as calming negative emotions, it’s great for promoting healthy clear skin which can also benefit the mask acne we’ve been dealing with.

  • Diffuse Bergamot essential oil to lift the spirit, and enhance mood
  • Massage after blending for relaxation and calming
  • Apply diluted to the forehead, or to the feet before bedtime
  • Blends well with Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang

Never use undiluted.

Available to buy from Lily and Loaf.

lily & loaf organic essential oil

Plant-Based Shaving Brush

The Clear Confidence Company has produced the only shaving brush on the market that’s both vegan and plastic-free – perfect for eco-conscious people for Christmas!

  • Completely plastic-free, vegan friendly and cruelty free
  • Improved shave performance using a shaving brush
  • Stylish wooden handle 

Available to buy here from Clear Confidence.

plant based shaving brush

Treasure Trails

Give the gift of an adventure this Christmas! Perfect as letterbox present too!

Packed full of adventure, Treasure Trails are the fun way to explore hidden corners of villages, towns, cities, and landscapes around the UK. 

From catching crooks to tracking down spies and hidden treasure, Treasure Trails will showcase your local surroundings in a captivating new light, and you’ll be sure to discover something completely new on your doorstep. Treasure Trails are the perfect budget-friendly stocking filler, unique Secret Santa pressie, or smaller gift for under the Christmas tree. There are more than 1,200 Trails to choose from all over the UK, providing discovery fun and shared memories for all ages.

Simply decide on a location and which theme you think your recipient would like, order the trail online at www.treasuretrails.co.uk and receive it in the post, or download it as a PDF and print it out at home to wrap up.

Treasure Trails


It’s what Christmas is all about… Toys!!

Christmas With Jaques London

Gifting toys of great quality that last and can be passed on is what it’s all about! This fantastic Kids Construction Bench is an ideal Montessori toy. It’s a learning toy that has multiple real-life and educational benefits. Through play, children will develop fine motor skills by practising precise movements, such as hammering and tightening screws. Children will also begin to recognise colours and different types of tools.

The Wooden Car Park is so much fun! It’s ideal for independent and collaborative play. Your little ones can spend hours taking it in turns to race cars down the winding ramps or use the toy garage as a prop in role-play or play setups. Collaborative play teaches kids to take turns, play nicely with one another, develops patience and communication skills.

You can check out more toys for two year olds here.

Christmas With Jaques London

Shop Jaques London for 15% off!

Storytime Magazine Subscription

Storytime is a high-quality monthly magazine that helps to improve children’s literacy. Each edition of Storytime is packed with fairy tales, modern stories, myths and legends, plus stories from a variety of cultures.

Storytime Magazine Subscription


Choose when the first copy of Storytime arrives, before or after Christmas, plus get a gift certificate to give on the day.
Arrives in a special envelope addressed to the child!

            • Big savings on the shop price

            • Packed with fairy tales, modern tales, myths, poems, and much more – beautifully illustrated, with games and activities too

            • Each issue arrives in a special envelope for the child to open

            • Free downloadable activities every month

            • Choose when you want the first copy to arrive – in case you don’t want to spoil the surprise

            • Plus get a downloadable gift certificate so you have something to give on Christmas day

            • Please order by December 17th if you would like your first copy to be delivered in time for Christmas

12 Month Subscription – £38.99 

You can order your Storytime Subscription here.

Paddington’s Learning Suitcase

Have fun with Paddington’s suitcase to learn about numbers, colours, letters, the Brown family and more. Featuring 5 activity modes relating to colours, numbers (1 to 5), letters (a to e), the Brown Family and objects from Paddington’s world. Fun graphics with a light-up Paddington to help the child navigate and answer different questions and challenges. Encourages listening to questions and seeking answers. Helps with early vocabulary and fine motor skills.

Available to buy from *Amazon, John Lewis, Very, The Studio, Wind Designs.

Paddington's Learning Suitcase

Toys from Wicked Uncle

The ultimate online toy shop – Wicked Uncle has all the toys you can imagine for any age. Here is a small selection of gift ideas for the young ones, the tween, and well every child needs sticky unicorn poo in their lives!

Shop Wicked Uncle for Christmas!

gift ideas from Wicked Uncle

Princess Treats and Sweets Party Game

You’re invited to a Disney Princess Tea Party! Join Elsa, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Tiana and all your favorite Disney Princesses in a Teatime Celebration. Pour dice from the Magical Teapot to see where to move on the gameboard and how many Cupcake Cards to turn over! Be the first to collect 5 matches on your plate and you win. For 2-7 players ages 4 and up.

Available to buy from *Amazon


Happy Hamsters

Discover the speedy swirling world of the Happy Hamsters! The Happy Hamster modular track set lets you build unique, crazy designs to keep your hamsters busy day after day! Perfect for family fun on Christmas day!

Available to buy from *Amazon.

happy hamsters

Shimmer Me Body Art

Express your style and create your own glam glitter tattoos with Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art. 

This all-in-one temporary tattoo set for girls has everything you need to customise your own body art, including: four metallic foil cartridges, two colours of glitter, a glitter brush, gems, a roller and 180 double-sided sticker designs. With so many trendy and cute designs, you can mix and match to style your body art, your way.

Available to buy from *Amazon

shimmer me body art

The Ginger Fox Emoji Action Game

Be the first to get rid of all your cards! You’ll need lightning-fast reactions and some seriously cool moves to win at emoji ACTION -look lively or lose! Play must race on as soon as the loser has grabbed their cards -the essence of the game is emoji mayhem! Keep it fast, physical and emotional for maximum fun! The first player to get rid of all their cards wins! Suitable for 2 or more players.

Available to buy from *Amazon

The Ginger Fox Emoji Action Game

Baby Shark Sing and Snuggle

Play all day or sleep safe and sound with the Pinkfong Baby Shark Sing & Snuggle Plush!

In day mode sing the song or use the play mask to play the peek-a-boo game. In night mode turn off the lights or cover eyes with the play mask to sing the goodnight lullaby. Easy to take anywhere and the perfect gift for Christmas.

Available to buy from *Amazon.

Baby Shark Sing & Snuggle


Welcome to Nexcube, the home of the world record-setting speedcube! 

The Nexcube has been ergonomically designed with a unique and improved mechanism that allows the cube to turn exceptionally smoothly in your hands.

Available to buy from The Entertainer.



OKIDO is a high-quality, eco-friendly educational magazine for children 3-7. Beautifully illustrated, every issue is packed with experiments, activities, doodles, and more to inspire a love of science.

Available to buy in 4, 12 or 24 month subscriptions. There is also a special Christmas bundle subscription for December. Take a look here.

OKIDO subscription

Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz

Create surprising sand explosions with the Kinetic Sand Sandwhirlz Playset! With 2lbs of Kinetic Sand and over 10 tools, you can create amazing sand transformations. Open the case to discover the set’s Kinetic Sand in compartments and a play area on the lid.

Available to buy from *Amazon

Kinetic Sand sand whirlz

Planetarium Star Globe

The Planetarium Star Globe features a light-up globe of the star constellations that projects onto the walls and ceiling. The electronic base rotates the globe and a light pointer enables particular constellations to be pointed out. Turn out the lights and explore the wonder of the night sky moving above you!

Available to buy from The Studio, Very and Smyths.

Planetarium Star Globe

Sneezy Panda

The game with flowers and leaves which make little panda sneeze!

Sam the panda loves to collect flowers and leaves from his garden, but there’s a problem… they make him sneeze! Each time Sam sneezes everything his has collected flies from his basket.

Can you race to collect all your colour flowers and return them to Sam’s basket before he stops sneezing?

Available to buy from *Amazon.

sneezy panda

George’s Marvellous Experiment Kit

George Kranky used just about everything he could find to create his Marvellous Medicine to cure his Grandma of being a grizzly old grunion. If it was runny, gooey or powdery, in it went. In this amazing science kit, there are loads of safe, fun-filled experiments, inspired by Roald Dahl’s terrific tale. Use safe household ingredients to see how chocolate can make George grow, create bubbling, firecracker potions, make a chicken shrink, Grandma launch in the air like a rocket and loads more

Available to buy from *Amazon and Very.


Spy X Laser Trap Alarm

Use the SpyX Laser trap alarm to set up an invisible barrier and guard and protect yourself from intruders. With one receiver piece and Two adjustable laser transmitters, set The trap pieces up to 4 feet apart, to create your custom laser barrier. Switch from a loud sounding alarm mode to a silent flashing light for stealth protection. Connect multiple sets to secure a larger area. Requires 6 x AAA batteries (not included). Please note item does not use real lasers.

Available to buy from *Amazon.

Spy X Laser Trip Alarm

Tybo Tidy Tie-dye

Ever thought you could tie-dye something without creating a mess? The Tybo XL lets you do just that! You can tie-dye just about anything!

Available to buy from *Amazon

Mache Magic

Create unique paper maché crafts with toilet paper (yes, toilet paper!) and water. No messy paste or batteries are needed, just kid-powered creativity. Great for gifts, keepsakes, and holiday decorations. You can also hide a surprise inside for your family and friends to unbox. Creating paper maché is magical with Maché Magic – just Twist, Press and Gift!

Available to buy from *Amazon and Smyths.

mache magic

Tony Hawk Skateboard

Tony Hawk is the most famous skateboarder in the world and now you can follow in his footsteps with the Tony Hawk Skateboard range. Moderately priced to be affordable for beginners, the Tony Hawk skateboards are stylish with their unique designs and are proving to be very popular with his legions of fans worldwide.

There is a fantastic range of Tony Hawk skateboards to browse for Christmas.

Tony Hawk Skateboard

Mechanics Gravity Loops and Turns

Mechanics is the construction platform that combines the forces of magnetism with a world of mechanical construction, to stimulate creativity, innovation and ingenuity. Geomag Mechanics Gravity consists of a series of solutions that exploit the force of gravity together with magnetism, to set Mechanics models in motion. Suitable for children aged 8 + to develop their imagination and curiosity through the science of magnetic construction

The Geomag Mechanics Loops And Turns Construction Set – 130pc is available from The Entertainer


All-Terrain Bat Mobile

Take your Batman missions to the next level with the All-Terrain Batmobile in 1:15 scale. 

This remote control vehicle is built with performance tires for unstoppable performance as you race through all terrains. Water, snow, mud, rock, and grass is no match for the All-Terrain Batmobile. 

The 2.4 GHz dual joystick remote control is USB rechargeable and features out-of-range sensors so you’ll know when your Batmobile needs to stay in range, recharge, and return to land.

Available to buy from The Entertainer.


Diplodocus Wood Effect Dino Lamp

A great gift for any dinosaur lover! This stunning wood effect lamp gives off a wonderful glow. Perfect for a little one’s bedroom.

Available to buy from Redcandy.


STABILO Stationery

It’s not Christmas without some stationery from STABILO. These watercolour pencils and triangular fibre tip pens are perfect for all colouring needs!

Available to buy from STABILO as well as many more!

STABILO Stationery

Tangle Charms and Tangle Pets fidget toys

The Tangle Toy is not your traditional toy for children. Created by famed sculptor, Richard X Zawitz, Tangles are based on the concept of connecting to infinity and continuous motion. This ‘magic in the motion’ that you feel when you play with a Tangle is truly therapeutic and calming. It makes the product more than just a toy; it’s twistable energy that enables a free flow of creativity from your mind! They make the perfect stocking fillers!

Available to buy from Smyths and all good toy stockists.

Tangle Charms and Tangle Pets fidget toys

Active Snap

Take one of the simplest and best-loved card games, give it a twist, and you might just have the best stocking filler gift of all time!

With the same underlying rules as traditional snap, Active Snap has a twist – aimed to encourage players up on their feet and get active!

Participants take it in turns to flip over a card and when the same one appears twice, the quickest player to shout ‘snap!’ wins. But here is the best bit – all of those too slow, must complete the activity outlined on the cards whether its 20 sit-ups or a round of shadow boxing.

Perfect for on-the-go, Active Snap won’t just provide the family with hours of entertainment with guaranteed laughs and fun – you can also get fit along the way.

Available from *Amazon.

Active Snap

Away by Dani Seatter

’Away’ is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s book aimed at 3-7 year olds and is made with 100% recycled carbon balanced paper as certified by the World Land Trust and uses eco-friendly materials and processes throughout.

This beautifully illustrated children’s picture book, is a wonderful woodland story for small children to enjoy.

Inspired by the idea that there is no ‘magical’ place for our waste to disappear to, this story explores themes around waste and the impact it can have on our natural environments. Dani has used her experience as an early years professional to inspire and educate the next generation of eco-warriors through this wonderfully captivating story.

Available to buy here.

Away by Dani Seatter

Frugi Pyjamas

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a new pair of pyjamas! These adorable ones from Frugi are superb! The Jamie Jim Jams are perfect for surrounding your little one in wonderfully soft organic cotton! Inspiring adventurous dreams! There are many gorgeous designs to choose from. We love the rainbows and the cute bear especially!

Available to buy from Frugi.

Christmas Pjs

Food and Drink

A collection of the finest foods and drinks to tickle your taste buds this Christmas!

Christmas Smash Cake from Sweet Tree by Browns

This Christmas Smash Cake is made from a deliciously creamy Belgian chocolate shell, filled to the brim with Maltesers®, Chocolate Buttons®, and Smarties®. The outside of the cake is decorated with an array of Christmas Confectioneries: a KitKat® Santa, a candy cane, chocolate present bundles, gold chocolate coins, Ferrero Rocher®, Milk & White Chocolate Lindt Lindor®, and red and green foil balls.

Now for the fun… SMASH the cake like a piñata, and watch all the chocolatey goodness tumble out!

It was so much fun to smash and eat! Perfect fun for the family.

Available to buy from Sweet Tree by Browns.

Cheese from Slate

It’s not Christmas without cheese, is it? I have the perfect selection of cheese for you from Slate. This beautiful Deluxe East Anglian Cheese Selection contains six wonderful cheeses from Suffolk and Norfolk. They were utterly divine! All six cheeses in this diverse selection are handmade with rich, creamy milk straight from the farm. I found it hard to pick the best one! But with a slight edge for the win was the Suffolk Gold!

This selection along with others over at Slate will make a cheese lover’s Christmas! Head over for a browse to the cheese hampers for the ultimate gift.

cheese from slate

Flower & White Meringue Bites

These Meringue Bites and Glitter Balls from Flower & White are simply divine. They make a cute gift idea for the sweet tooth in your life! The raspberry crumble ones are my fav!

Available from Flower & White

Flower & White Meringue Bites

Montezuma’s Extraordinary Chocolate

Are you looking for a selection of sustainable, handcrafted, extraordinary gifts this Christmas? Yule love Montezuma’s new 2021 Christmas range!!

Spread some festive cheer with a spectacular treat from Britain’s Greatest Little Chocolate Company. Known for creating brilliant and unique flavour combinations, the premium Christmas range is carefully handcrafted in its Chichester-based factory and comes in 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable packaging – what’s not to like? 

The peanut butter snowballs are AMAZING! To buy these or any others on the range head over to www.montezumas.co.uk


Treat Trunk One Off or Monthly Subscription Box

Treat Trunk snack boxes are nutritious, delicious, sugar sensible, vegan friendly, fun, and full of surprises. They offer guilt-free, convenient snacking and healthier options people actually want to eat. Several nutritionists are subscribers and fully endorse the boxes! They can be personalised at the checkout, to make the gift that bit more extra special.

Boxes are available in 2 sizes – Mini (12-15 snacks) or Full Size (22-25 snacks). 

Prices start at £19.99 a month for a mini box on subscription see www.treattrunk.co.uk for further details.

Treat Trunk One Off or Monthly Subscription Box

Blue Aurora Wine

Award-winning blueberry wines from Blue Aurora – Dusk, Midnight & Ice wine a great gift for a wine lover.

If you can’t decide which bottle to get them, or you are looking for a lovely gift, then this is the case for you. A mixed case containing one of each of the wines in the Blue Aurora range, Dusk, Midnight & Ice.

My fav is the Ice wine. The blueberries are frozen, then pressed, and fermented to create this beautiful sweet wine.

Available to buy here from Blue Aurora.


Seggiano Panforte

These beautiful panfortes from Seggiano are handmade exclusively in the province of Siena. You can enjoy them for dessert or as a sweet snack with tea or coffee. The perfect Christmas treat!

Seggiano Panforte

The World’s Strongest Coffee

Black Insomnia brings Dark Roast Grounds to Coffee Drinkers

The caffeine alchemists at Black Insomnia Coffee have come up with another body-jolting offering. Dark Roast Grounds are richer and darker, promising the same notorious super-high caffeine kick.

The CEO of Black Insomnia, Jim Walker, said: “It’s for the workaholics, the early-starters, the grafters, and the ones who go the extra mile.”

“When you need a super-high caffeine kick, Black Insomnia delivers that and more just when you need it most.”

So this will make the perfect gift for early starters or night shit workers! It’s a beautiful rich coffee!

Black Insomnia Grounds (DARK) retails at £14.99 and is available here:

The World's Strongest Coffee


Christmas: for many, it’s the time to treat family and friends. But some people are just so difficult to buy for. Then there’s the need for that standby gift just in case unexpected guests pop by. Everyone loves to receive a food gift, it’s a failsafe option. A dependable option is Opies Fruits with Alcohol collection which has long been associated with ‘great taste’ and ‘good quality’. This year, the collection has been extended to include a new variety that perfectly marries on-trend alcohol with one of the UK’s most popular fruits: Pineapple with Luxardo Spiced Rum new for 2021!

Alongside the new Pineapple with Luxardo Spiced Rum, shoppers can choose from Black Cherries with Kirsch, Peaches with Courvoisier, Red Berries with Pink Gin, Baby Pears with Amaretto and Apricots with Dark Rum.

The Opies Fruits with Alcohol range is available from quality independent retailers, Ocado and Booths.

opies fruit jars


Christmas isn’t Christmas without Guylian the world’s favourite Belgian chocolates! They have a selection of magical Christmas treats and gifts in-store and online for chocolate lovers to enjoy with their nearest and dearest. At the end of another strange year, we’ll all agree that some seasonal spoiling is high on our agenda and Guylian’s range of gifts and goodies are guaranteed to make life a little sweeter!

Available buy instore or to order online for home delivery from all the major supermarkets, Ocado, and a host of specialist online retailers including Moonpig. From the high street at B&M, Wilkinson, Home Bargains, Superdrug, The Range, Poundland and TKMaxx.

Guylian chocolates

Fruit Bowl Stocking Filler Treats

I’m always on the lookout for fun and healthy stocking filler treats that are not always chocolate. Fruit Bowl has a great range available for this! The Dino yogurt eggs are a firm favourite! You can pick them up with your weekly shop.

Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor

The Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor is a manual food processor that has a patented design allowing you to chop food with ease and consistency. This kitchen tool is a must-have for someone who loves to cook it will change their cooking experience! Chopping, mixing, blending and pureeing are easier and more convenient without the need or fuss of electric tools and gadgets.

Available to buy direct from Zyliss, and *Amazon

ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Processor

Health and Beauty

Keeping your body in tip-top condition with these fabulous products will keep you looking your finest for the festive season!


Transformulas specialise in beauty without surgery! They provide safe, quick, visible and effective results. Their Marine Miracle Creme is their signature moisturiser, this cult classic has fans all over the world, glowing reviews and does exactly what it says on the box . . . works miracles! 

The Skin Discovery Set would make an excellent gift this Christmas. This powerhouse skincare duo is designed to reset your skin and deliver de-aging results. Covering all your daily skincare needs for your face and eyes, our supercharged, anti-aging formulas are loaded with potent, active ingredients, antioxidants and sea marine extracts that work on a cellular level, addressing all the skin concerns that come with aging, transforming skin within 30 days. 

Marine Miracle EyeZone Advanced Eye Concentrate 10ml/0.35floz

Marine Miracle Crème Signature Moisturiser 50ml/1.7floz 

30 Days Results

Day 1: With one application, skin is drenched in moisture, super boosting hydration levels for an immediate softening and plumping effect. 

Day 7: Skin appears more cushioned, fine lines and wrinkles are less visible. The face is fresher looking.

Day 30: Skin is firmer, lines and wrinkles are minimised, skin appears plumper, more youthful and healthier looking.

Available to buy from Transformulas.

Transformulas - The Skin Discovery Set

CURAPROX hydrosonic black is white

The Black Is White Hydrosonic Toothbrush offers a sleek ergonomic, electric solution that boasts state-of-the-art technology. Designed with a matt black finish and a magenta-coloured button navigating through settings with intuitive, one-button operation. It also comes with three power levels: 22,000, 32,000 and 42,000 brushes per minute.

Available to buy directly from CURAPROX.

CURAPROX hydrosonic black is white

Sambucol Products

Keeping you and your kids healthy in the colder seasons is of utmost importance to avoid being off school and work. We’ve been trying out the Sambucol products which taste amazing! Always a good stocking filler gift for on-the-go kids! Packed with natural Black Elderberry juices, Vitamin C and Zinc, Immuno Forte Gummies are perfect for those looking for a soft and chewable supplement.

Sambucol Products

ARRAN Sense of Scotland body care gift set

Whether it’s a gift for your best friend, sister, mum, gran, or a treat for yourself ARRAN Sense of Scotland has something she’ll be thrilled to open on Christmas morning. I adore ARRAN body care, they are beautiful luxurious products suitable for all. This gift set features a full-sized bath & shower gel and body lotion. It’s available in ARRAN’s three most popular fragrances – After the Rain, Glen Rosa and Glenashdale – and beautifully presented in a signature gift box.  

Available to buy from ARRAN Sense of Scotland

ARRAN body care gift set

SEAMS Handcream

Melting quickly into your skin SEAMS non-greasy formula has 9 powerful, natural ingredients that help mend, moisturise and soften very dry rough skin and condition nails, fast. Perfect for hardworking hands. Makes a beautiful gift.

Available to buy directly from SEAMS.

SEAMS Handcream

Intuition Perfect Finish Eyebrow Shaper

The Wilkinson Sword Intuition Perfect Finish Eyebrow Shaper is a multi-purpose beauty tool that precisely styles eyebrows and easily removes fine hairs on the face. The high-quality blade can even be used to gently exfoliate for smoother skin. Its slim, portable size with protective caps means you can touch up anytime, anywhere. An ideal gift to add to a homemade beauty gift pack for a friend or family member.

The product is available from Wilkinson Sword, and is available in various pack sizes.

Wilkinson Sword

Sons Immune Health Supplement

If you are looking for a gift for the man in your life, then Sons immune health supplement could be the answer. It’s designed to aid optimum inner health and make keeping fit easier. These supplements are easy to take as well, simply stir a 4.5g pack of Sons Immune Health Supplement into 300ml of cold water and drink daily

Sons Immune Health Supplement is available from https://sons.co.uk/pages/immune-health, RRP £38 Monthly subscription. A percentage of all sales is donated to CALM, the men’s mental health charity.

sons immune health

MUTE breathe more, sleep better

The perfect stocking filler for the snoring man in your life! Mute sits comfortably inside the nostrils and gently widens (stents) the nasal passages to improve airflow during sleep throughout the night, without the use of drying nasal sprays.

Mute is available at Boots, *Amazon, leading chemists and www.mutesnoring.com It comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large RRP £16.99 containing three in a box offering a month’s supply. All sizes adjust to fit all nose sizes and types, and a trial pack helps you find the right size for you RRP £12.99

MUTE breathe more, sleep better

Cute and Useful Gifts

Sometimes we all need some cuteness, useful and practical gifts in our lives.

Waxwrap – Sustainable Food Storage

Many of us are trying to live in a more sustainable way. What can help you to do this is these fantastic Waxwrap food storage solutions. The food bags are a particular favourite of ours for packed lunches! I’ve been using the smaller food wraps for items in the fridge. They just need a little warming in your hands to make them softer to mould!

Waxwrap - Sustainable Food Storage

Personalised Cushions from Cushion Pop

These cute cushion designs from Cushion Pop would make the cutest gifts for Christmas. There are many designs to choose from and personalise. I was in awe at the choice available! They are perfectly soft and squishy with lovely quality materials. They will make ideal accompaniments to the girl’s room.

personalised cushions from cushion pop

PrimaBerry Organic Cotton T-Shirt

PrimaBerry is a UK based sustainable online clothing and accessories store for men, women and children, featuring collections inspired by the diversity and culture of multiple countries from around the globe.

I absolutely love this kid’s organic T-shirt, the colour is gorgeous and it’s really soft! PrimaBerry has a wonderful selection of organic T-shirts for kids ranging from 3 to 14 years. The shirts positively impact ecosystems and reduce CO2 emissions. They aim to impact lives by working with a supplier who is an active member of the FairWear Foundation, an international organisation on a mission to improve workers’ conditions in the textile industry.

Check out PrimaBerry for great gifts for the whole family!



This amazing oversized hoody is made from a soft flannel fleece exterior and sherpa fleece interior making it a staple for cosy comfort when snuggling up in front of the fire!

The best-selling Snuggy is available in five different colours at www.snuggy.shop, and has options for adults (£59.99), children (£34.99), and even your canine companions!

Below is the kids’ Snuggy in purple.

kids snuggy in purple

NONA recycled ocean plastic clothes pegs

The perfect unusual useful and sustainable Christmas gift! NONA, which stands for No Oceans, No Air, makes ultra-durable clothes pegs using recycled ocean plastic, which comes from fishing gear that would otherwise head into the ocean. As I’m sure you’re aware, abandoned plastic in the ocean is causing massive problems for marine life. By using NONA pegs, you keep plastic from heading into the ocean and reduce your carbon footprint. As well as all that, these smooth BPA-free pegs are made in the UK and designed to hold clothes securely, without causing snags.

 Available to buy from the NONA website, and come in packs of 20, 30 or 40.

NONA recycled ocean plastic clothes pegs

Unicorn Night or Day Custom Towel

This unicorn personalised towel is wonderful. It will make a unique gift for someone special. Made using 400gsm towel material, your photo will be printed edge to edge, maximising the area for personalisation to create a stunning end product. You can aslo choose your own text to add.

Available to buy from ASDA Photo.


BCB Adventure Tins

If you are looking for stocking fillers or a gift for the hard-to-buy person then these cute BCB International Adventure Tins are perfect. There are many to collect and something for everyone!

Available in Homebase, Camping World, Halls of Llandaff, and *Amazon

BCB Adventure Tins

Gifts For Pets

Lily’s Kitchen

Lily’s Kitchen – the award-winning producer of proper food for pets – has announced that its limited-edition Christmas range is back and better than ever.

Alongside the much-loved advent calendars and complete Christmas dinners, Lily’s Kitchen has launched a NEW gift that’s perfect for dogs: The Cracking Festive Treats tin that comes in a reusable tin for woofers to enjoy all year round!

The range is available from lilyskitchen.co.uk, Pets at Home, independent pets stores, and online retailers.


Christmas Giveaway

Everyone loved my Christmas giveaway last year, so I’m back with an even better one! A few of the items are from this years Christmas gift guide, and other items are from earlier reviews this year. One lovely gift included is an afternoon tea and 25 minute spa treatment from Buy a Gift worth £78!

Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway worth £300

christmas giveaway

Please fill in the rafflecopter widget below to enter.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Competition T&C’s

The giveaway ends 11:59 PM 30th November 2021

The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative will be offered. The winner will be selected at random via Rafflecopter from all valid entries and be notified by email within 7 days. The winner will have 28 days to respond with a name and address for shipping before a new winner is selected. Open to all UK entrants aged 18 or over only. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are in no way associated with the giveaways.  Any personal data given as part of the competition entry’s is used for this purpose only and will not be shared with third parties.  Please allow 28 days for delivery.

By entering the competition you agree to your first name and surname initial published on the competition widget if you are the winner.

You can find more info here on my privacy policies 

You can check out my other competitions here.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and Good Luck!

Thank you for sharing

210 thoughts on “Rachel’s Annual Christmas Gift Guide 2021

  1. I have a few cats and 5 grandchildren so the lily’s kitchen treats would be great (nice brand too)for the cats and there is plenty there for the grandchildren too. (games not cat treats!)

  2. There are so many amazing gifts here it’s hard to choose just one but I love the idea of Active Snap and I think that would go down well with me and my kids.

  3. It was hard to choose as you’ve made so many fantastic suggestions, but I think the Treat Trunk snack boxes – I love the variety and surprise element, and if you buy a subscription rather than a one off box it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  4. This gift guide is incredible so it’s really difficult to choose my favourite but I think I’m going to go with the Frugi Pyjamas. It’s the actual law that kids have to get new pyjamas at Christmas and Frugi is such a fun & ethical brand.

  5. the snuggly, this would be perfect to snuggle up in when the heating goes off at night but we still want to stay up and watch tv ;D

  6. I love the Snuggy, I’m looking outside my window as it snows and thinking how cosy and warm the Snuggy would be on a day like today.

  7. Definitely the Snuggy, it would be perfect for those days I’m working from home throughout winter and for snuggling on the sofa when I’m not (working that is).

  8. What a lovely collection thank you, I do love the idea of the sleep mist, perfect for helping me get some much needed sleep.

  9. I love the Lolita – Dandelion Wishes stemless glass it’s really beautiful and a drink always feels fancy if it’s in a nice glass. I also love the shimmer me body art we spend loads on glitter tattoos at fairs it would be fab to do it at home especially over Christmas.

  10. There’s something for everyone but I especially love The Escape Room in A Box as we love playing new games at cht

  11. The glitter tattoo set, my daughter had some done at a children’s party and wouldn’t wash them off for a week haha

  12. Love the Princess Treats & sweets Party game !!
    A Christmas prize from your blog 🎄🎄
    would be such a delight☃️
    To spread some joyful cheer🎀🎄🎀
    And say goodbye to a difficult year💃💕

  13. I’m very practical so I love the funky pegs! I liked the Zyliss too, always wondered if they were as good as electric choppers.

  14. I like the lilys kitchen proper food for cats – my boy is part of the family and gets Christmas gifts too. There really is something for everyone.

  15. I love the bird feeding station, such a good idea too. I get really stuck for present ideas and don’t want to send something which will take up space, a bird feeder is great!

  16. Wonderful selection for everyone this Christmas. Love the activity toys and the eclectic mix of beauty products..

  17. WOW there really is something for everyone there! Personally love the beeswax wrap as it would make a big difference in the kitchen. I had a small beeswax wrap before and though i loved it, it is now past it’s best so would love to replace it.

  18. I have now got ideas for the whole family – the All Terrain Bat Mobile is great, the Escape room sounds amazing and the Gift experiences – have all of my a Christmas list sorted from here xxx

  19. The cheese by Slate looks fabulous. I love to receive useful food and kitchen gifts. The cheese would be fantastic for Christmas lunch, then left overs on Boxing Day.

  20. I quite like the puzzles, but obviously if I was licking for my children or husband you’ve plenty of options for them too 🙂

  21. Oh there are so many great ideas for everyone, so thank you. I like the look of the mache magic as I have never seen anything like it before! The snuggy looks super cosy!

  22. Ooh so tricky to say! Am I allowed to say everything, ha? I do love escape rooms so I think I’d have to say the Epic Escapes box is my favourite of all.

  23. I love the kinetic sand playset, my daughter has had a very simple kinetic sand kit and she loved it, hours and hours of fun and i found the feeling and the things you could make with the sand fascinating and weirdly soothing

  24. if i had to pick one it would be the wild bird care stuff , my dad would love this as he really enjoys watching his feathered friends visit

  25. The Zyliss Easy Pull Food Processor, as someone who loves to cook a gadget that will chop, mix, blend and puree would be ideal for me.

  26. I love the snuggly. I don’t sleep well and am often awake and downstairs before five thirty. I tend to catch-up on work, watch tv or read the paper online. At this time of year it can be really cold. The snuggly would keep me really warm

  27. I love the personalised cushion – its always so lovely give or receive something with a more personal touch xx

  28. Lots of really great ideas, but I love Okido magazine as it would be perfect for my son and I’d never heard of it.

  29. Black Insomnia brings Dark Roast Grounds to Coffee Drinkers

    I love coffee, so the idea of the Worlds strongest coffee sounds great to me!

  30. I like Away, think it would be a lovely book for my 4 year old twin grandsons, they love stories and this appears to tell them a very important story.

  31. Has to be the Snuggy! I love for comfy cosy clothes all winter round, and if they are good, I will love them for years, and get them for all my friends and family

  32. As a gift I’d give the Guylian chocolates. I think it’s nice to have a treat at Christmas and everyone loves these in our family.

  33. The Mache Magic as I know my daughter would love playing with this. Her favourite thing do do at nursery is make things with papier mache.

  34. I love the CURAPROX hydrosonic black is white tooth brush with state-of-the-art technology My electric tooth brush is broken and I would love a new one

  35. There are so many great choices! But I think my favourite item would be for our four-legged family member. She loves the Lily’s Kitchen products (especially their bedtime biscuits) so this would be the ultimate treat for her.

  36. Love the Hubble jigsaw. I find doing jigsaw’s quite therapeutic, and on the same wavelength to colouring. The Echor end of day sleep spray sounds lovely, though… and I do really love anything chocolate lol

    Really like the look of the Lily’s Kitchen bundle, though! Not seem them before! My dogs would love them. Better keep an eye out!

  37. The Vegan Bunny Self Care Candles 🙂 obsessed with candles at the moment and I love that they are so eco friendly

  38. It has to be the Escape room! Me and the fella LOVE the idea of spending time together doing stuff like this, Pure effort and team work! Such fun.
    SO many lovely items and ideas for Christmas gifts, Thanks for sharing and hosting the prize giveaway guys 🥰

  39. I love the bird feeders, love seeing the birds in my garden but most of all they need the extra food in winter 🙂

  40. Wow some fantastic gift ideas there, I really like the Henry Bell Sterling Feeders as I love encouraging birds into my garden.

  41. Lots of good ideas there! I really love the happy hamsters super slides! I used to play with marble runs for hours as a child and when my son was little! I could imagine hours of fun with happy hamsters and my grandchildren!

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