10 Gift Ideas That Every Dad Deserves

Picture this, it’s Father’s Day and you just spent the last week putting together the perfect gift for your dad. You put all the pieces together in a box, wrapped it perfectly, and are anxiously waiting to see the look on his eyes when he finally opens it. 

10 Gift Ideas That Every Dad Deserves

This is a moment we all hope, but actually figuring out what to buy for your dad is another story. How are you supposed to know what he does and does not need? How do you know if the gift that you think is so perfect for him is actually something he wants? Gifting is hard in general, but especially for your dad who says he doesn’t want anything. But your dad deserves a good gift, something meaningful and special that will make both you and him excited to open it. Here are 10 gift ideas that every dad deserves.

1. Personalized Cutting Board

If your dad is the one who cooks dinner every night and you want to give him something meaningful and useful, get him a personalized cutting board. You can get it customized with any phrase or picture so you know that every time he goes to use it, he’ll be thinking of you (and how good of a gift-giver you are).

2. Slippers

Very few men will think it’s necessary to wear slippers in the morning, but it very much is! Treat your dad to a nice pair of cozy slippers he can wear around the house. Give him a couple of weeks and he will be seriously thanking you for them.

3. A Watch

You know what they say, a man can never have too many watches. A watch is a classic gift that you know your dad will get good use out of. There is a great selection of watches in a variety of colors and designs so you can find one that suits your dad’s style.

4. Beer Subscription

For the dad that loves a good beer, get him a beer subscription. You can customize the type of beer that comes with it so you can choose flavors you know he will like. Who needs to go to a craft brewery when you can get one shipped right to your home? 

5. Whiskey Decanter

A whiskey decanter is a great, timeless gift that any man would enjoy, especially if he is a big whiskey drinker. What better way to treat your dad than by getting him something that he can put on display to say “my kid got me this.”

6. Tile

If your dad is always complaining about losing his phone, wallet, keys, or pretty much anything, get him a Tile. A Tile is a bluetooth tracking device that he can attach to a variety of things to make sure he will never complain about losing something ever again.

7. Skincare

Another thing most men will not ever actually treat themselves to: skincare. Skincare should be just as important for men as it is for women, so treat your dad to a nice skincare set as a gift. 

men's skincare routine

8. AirPods

If your dad is still using wired headphones, he is in desperate need of an upgrade. AirPods are also a great gift for your dad who is always complaining about it being too loud in the house.

9. Sofa Laptop Desk

Like many people, your dad’s office has probably become your living room couch. If that is the case, get him a sofa laptop desk. It is an easier and more comfortable way for him to work while still keeping his office in the living room.

10. Electric Razor

For the dad who is always shaving but still uses disposable razors that leave with him cuts all over his face, get him an electric razor. He will get a much closer, smoother shave in half the amount of time.

Getting a meaningful gift for your dad doesn’t have to be difficult, and this list will make the process a whole lot easier. Your dad deserves something special, so make sure you get him something you both will be excited about.

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