What Are Good Gifts for Him This Year?

With birthdays and special occasions like anniversaries, the hunt to find the perfect present for the special guy in your life is on. And of course, Valentine’s Day gifts are always welcomed. Men are sometimes challenging to shop for, however. They claim they don’t want to need anything, but you know they have their eye on something. Here are some pleasant gifts guaranteed to put a smile on his face on that day.

What Are Good Gifts for Him This Year

Warm and Cosy Clothing

You won’t find many shopping trying on clothes at the local department store. Instead, they wear the same few pieces until they fall apart. Valentine’s Day, for example, is the prime time to shop your guy up with some of the trendiest products. Clothing brands offer many ideas for Valentine’s day gifts for men. Anniversaries and special days are great times to treat him to a few of the top brands, such as Lacoste, Adidas, Lucky, Ralph Lauren, and Hugo Boss.

Nothing is worse than walking outdoors without a jacket in the middle of winter. Consider buying your guy a waterproof, windproof winter jacket. Look for one with a thick membrane. A wool scarf is another way to add a pop of colour to your man’s wardrobe. And, of course, now is the time to pick up your favourite boxer briefs that you can’t wait to see him wear.

Unique Gadgets

Guys love gadgets. Even if your man already has everything, you can’t go wrong with a few new electronics. If he is an avid video gamer, buy him a new console. The Nintendo Switch is leading the way in sales, and for a good reason. This console offers both stationary and portable play. Don’t forget to pick up a few games to go along with it—both Super Smash Bros. and Luigi’s Mansion are perfect for guys of any age.

If your guy can’t leave the house without his morning coffee, then it’s time to upgrade his drinking experience. The smart-technology coffee cup by Ember lets drinkers control the temperature of their beverage with an app. Your guy will thank you for never having a good cup of coffee again.

For SOs who are into geeky, sciency hobbies, unique gifts like glow-in-the-dark fungi kits or a 3-D specimen viewer will be the way to their hearts. They’ll surely treasure these rare but thoughtful additions to their man caves. 

Expand His Library

Reading is a favourite pastime for many men. However, not enough guys treat themselves to a new book. Instead of waiting for his to head to the bookstore, help him out. Pick up a hardcover copy of a current bestseller, such as The Beast of Buckingham Palace. Depending on what your man enjoys, you can buy him something form the science fiction, true crime, or autobiography genre.

Fancy coffee table books are always fun to receive. These books are usually full of artsy photographs and facts that look beautiful displayed in your living room. Pick up Guinness Book of World Records 2020 to help spark some great conversation. If your guy prefers pictures to words, this is a perfect option. You can also toss in a recipe book to help inspire him to cook a few exotic dishes at home.

Fancy Smells

Every woman knows how her man smells. The scent is one of the most active senses humans have. Sniffing a familiar aroma will instantly bring back fond memories. Why not buy your man a signature scent that you both can enjoy?

If he already has a favourite fragrance, pick up a new bottle. But, if he needs something new, have fun exploring some of the top options out there. For example, a unisex fragrance by Keiko Mecheri is something you both can wear and enjoy. Make sure the two of you enjoy a special night to create a lasting memory with his new fragrance.

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