Spades, Space and Spices: Your Picture Perfect Family Garden

Your garden is a sweet and safe sanctuary which is enjoyed all year round by your family. The one place the children feel free and easy is outside on the grass; fiddling with the grubby soil, getting their knees muddy and kicking a ball into the dainty flower beds, that’s what playing in the garden is all about. With the weather warming up it is an ideal time to start giving your outdoor space a little tender loving care.

In this day and age it is becoming more and more difficult to pry our little ones away from the televisions and iPads at home. Give them a reason to want fresh air and create a homely paradise which you can all enjoy. Wake up those tired little faces and allow them to acquire rosy cheeks and mucky clothes, whilst you watch them grow and play in a fresh fulfilling environment.

Food and Flowers

You may ask yourself this very question every day, why do humans love flowers? From their scent to their perfectly blossoming shapes flowers are a fascinating species for everybody. Children love to smell, touch and see beautiful blooming petals all year round. Let your children get their hands dirty and plant their very own potted plants. It is an ideal project to get them busy and excited and they can choose any type of flower they want. Giving them a sense of responsibility to keep their flower alive will do wonders for their development too. Use the different seasons to inspire your flower beds and get everybody on a trip to your local garden centre to buy new seeds regularly.

 Spades, Space and Spices: Your Picture Perfect Family Garden


As well as planting an array of picturesque plants you might want to consider creating a vegetable or herb patch. Watch the joy and delight on their faces as they grow their own food and spices. Allow them to help you in the kitchen and make homemade soup together as a family. Freshly grown spuds are arguably more tasty than those bought in the store; hand-picked from the soil with the authentic dirt from the ground still covering the, before they get washed. What could be more satisfying? The vegetable garden can be their own space to grow delicious fresh food, with you keeping a watchful eye on the growth processes too of course!

Super Space

Once you have worked on your beautiful patch of flowers, herbs and veggies you can now work with the rest of the space in the garden. Children have so much built up energy, they need space to run around and be free. Open up your outdoor space and make sure they have plenty of room to run, skip and handstand as much as they can. A green dewy lawn is the perfect spongy surface for kids to roll around in and get their knees dirty. On hot summer days you can pull out the blow up paddling pool and let them splash around in the sunshine. No matter how old your children get, a paddling pool is always fun. Fill it with toys and water guns and you are guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours.

Fill your garden with other fun equipment to release their energy all year round. Slides, swings and climbing frames are every child’s dream; it will be like having their own personal park in the backyard. Hammocks are a fun addition to any outdoor space and you don’t need to have a huge garden to make them work either. You can enjoy swinging around on a comfy seat whilst your little ones play with their new toys.

When the weather does warm up it is a great idea to take all of the normal indoor activities out into the open. You can cook on the barbecue outside instead of the hot stuffy kitchen and your kids can bring their toys outside. Spread their play mats out, grab some books or bring a box of building blocks outside to keep them entertained in the fresh air. If you’re planning on staying outside for the whole day make sure they have periods of rest in the shade and don’t forget to pop their sun hat on too.

 Spades, Space and Spices: Your Picture Perfect Family Garden


Whether you have a naturally outdoorsy family, or you need to give them a bit of a shove to get them outside, there are many ways you can make your garden a fun space for everybody. Use the warmer times of year to your full advantage and embrace the garden fully. If you are lucky enough to have a large outdoor space to work with then make sure you equip it with exciting activities for everybody.


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope this post has given you ideas for the Spring/Summer and your picture perfect family garden.

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  1. My daughter is in the process of making a small orchard/wild flower garden. She started by buying fruit trees then planting lots of wild flower bulbs which will hopefully naturalise – it will be a lovely part of the garden to install a willow-structure den when her baby (due in September) is old enough to spend time outside!

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