Which Fruit To Grow In Your Garden This Summer

Now that the weather seems to be warming up at last, it is the perfect time for us to get out into the garden and start building our perfect scene for the spring and summer. April is the ideal month to start with many gardening tasks such as mowing the lawn for the first time this year, pruning deadheads from shrubs and getting rid of weeds. Also planning what fruit to grow in your garden this Summer. Also do your research on fruit tree pests UK, so you know how to protect your bushes.

You will likely want to do a bit of landscape gardening at this point in the year and move things around a little to make room for new plants. The perfect plants to introduce into your garden this year are fruits.

Here are the best fruits you can plant in your garden this year:


Everyone loves strawberries, and they are one of the most loved fruits in the world. Strawberries grow from seed, and it is in April when you will want to plant these seeds ready for them to fruit in the summer. They are easy to sow and germinate by using a small pot or seedling tray, and will likely germinate within a few days or a week ready to grow into a lovely plants which sprouts white flowers in the early summertime.

What fruit to grow in your garden this Summer - strawberries


The raspberry plant is ideal for you even if you don’t have much experience with gardening because it is so easy to grow and will continue to spread on its own. Raspberry fruits come out in the autumn but now is the perfect time for you cam plant the seeds in your garden. This will give the plant the entire summer to grow and develop before fruiting in the late summer to early autumn.

What fruit to grow in your garden this Summer - raspberries


If you want a larger plant which gives you not only fruit, but also some lovely colour throughout the year- blueberries are an ideal choice. A blueberry plant grows fairly tall and will flower during the spring, give you some beautiful colour during the autumn and fruit in the late summer. The only thing you will need to provide for your blueberry plant is acidic soil which you can buy from your local garden centre. You can either place these straight in the ground or plant it in a pot in the garden instead. They are low maintenance and will fruit at about 3 years old.

What fruit to grow in your garden this Summer - blueberries


Figs are a fruit which many of us fret about, but they can make a lovely addition to your garden this year. Figs are a versatile fruit used in savoury dishes and sweet dishes and even enjoyed in their own. Because this is normally a warmer climate plant you will need to make sure they are growing in a sunny part of the garden and they grow best in containers where their roots are restricted. Figs are different to other plants as they start to from fruit during the autumn, but these fruits cannot be picked until the following summer when they are ripe. It might be a long wait but it will be well worth it!


Gooseberries are one of those fruits which people either love or they hate. If you love the tangy flavour of this fruit then it can be a great addition to your garden this year. Adding a gooseberry bush to your garden will give you a lovely plant for the garden as amazing berries which you can pick during the summer and use in desserts or savoury sauces. They are versatile and zingy, and they are low maintenance too.


Of course we couldn’t write a list about fruit without including the most popular fruit in the world. Apples come in many shapes and sizes, and the plants themselves are actually a member of the rose family. This means that in the spring and summer you will be treated to some beautiful flowers, before apples form during the late summer to be pick early autumn. Apple trees are not only great if you want a healthy snack on hand at all times, but they can provide a beautiful addition to your garden landscape too. Make sure you chose the right type of Apple for your taste, and you can plant these directly in the ground in a sunny spot if the garden.


One of the most iconic English fruits which you can grow at home is the blackberry. These delicious fruits are addictive and can be used in desserts, savoury dishes and even salad dressing. To grow a blackberry bush you would be best off planting it in a pot because it is an invasive plant which will spread throughout your entire garden. They don’t need much maintenance and will give you some lovely fruits in the late summer to enjoy.

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Which fruit to grow in your garden this Summer


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  1. I’ve planted my strawberry plants, they’re in the greenhouse at the moment. I’ve not thought about a gooseberry bush though, might give that a go.

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