Tips To Make Your Garden A More Useable Space

We often pay so much attention to our homes that we forget about the extension of our houses, which is our back garden. While many see it as just an outside space, there are so many things you can do to it to really up it a level. No matter if you have a large garden or a small one, here are some top ways that you can make your garden a more useable space.

Tips To Make Your Garden A More Useable Space

Grow vegetables

If you have enough space that you can find a patch where the kids, cats or dogs won’t run around and trample on your plants, or if your grass patch is bigger than necessary, why not consider growing some vegetables in your garden? Growing fruit and veg can be easier than you might think and is something great fun that the whole family can get involved in. Why not ask everyone what their favourite vegetable is and try to grow it? Or take turns watering and caring for the plants? Not only will this provide food for you all, but will also add depth and colour to your space too!

Add in some decking

There are so many things you can do with decking in your garden. Whether you are looking for a space to hold barbecues, to put a swinging chair, or have a fire pit, decking is the ideal choice. Once you have added in a decking, you are going to want to keep it in tip-top pristine so be sure to look up online tips for oiling a timber patio deck. You could also use decking around your pool if you have one, to border a pond, or to add another dimension to the garden. If it will be used for hosting guests, add in some outdoor dining furniture and decorate the space with fairy lights for a magical ambience that everyone is sure to love.

Place some lighting

Lighting in the back garden is something that people tend to overlook, but can completely transform the space. If you have a garden path, use lights to border this. Not only does it look pretty, but is functional too as it allows you to see where you are going. Fairy lights (as mentioned above) can add a majestic vibe, while motion-activated lighting can also be a good security measure. Think carefully about the type of lighting you want, where you want to place it and how expensive it will be not only to purchase but also to run. You don’t want to end up racking up a huge and expensive electricity bill if you’re not prepared for it!

These are just a few ways that you can make your garden a more useable space. With these top tips it will be an area that you can use all year round and that will up it a level from just a patch of grass! There are many sites you can check out for garden inspiration, while Pinterest has plenty of ideas on how you can transform your outside space without spending a fortune.

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