Teaching Kids To Be Responsible With Their Dogs

It’s a good thing if you delegate to your kids tasks around the house and the yard, as long as they are not dangerous. But it’s another thing if you leave to them obligations in taking care of another living, breathing life.

This could mean younger siblings. This could also mean, your pet dogs.

Teaching Kids To Be Responsible With Their Dogs

It’s the daily grind when taking care of dogs that teach your kids about the value of responsibility. It’s either they only take care of one or two tasks or they comply with the whole scope of dog care: daily feeding, grooming, weekly bathing, exercising, cuddling and playtime.

It is consistency that makes a difference in how well the dogs are taken care of. The kids will also appreciate the work that they have done once they have developed a special bond with the dogs. The kids’ excellent task completion and sustainability will reflect in good fur quality, shiny coat, pleasant and energetic disposition of the dogs.

It’s also up to you parents to show your kids that it’s not a chore, but rather a privilege to take care of these dogs which are perfectly capable of loving them back. Make them realize that if their dogs are cared for well, they will thrive and will enrich their family life because the dogs can give them comfort and companionship without even nary a whimper or complaint.

If the kids are still hesitant to do their bit in caring for the dogs, tell them frankly that since everybody, including them, are busy with their respective lives, if might be best for the welfare of the dogs to give them to a family that would accept them wholeheartedly and take care of them.

Make them realize gently that once this special bond between them and the dogs have been established, you won’t need to nudge them to do their daily tasks. They will themselves initiate the fulfillment of the specific needs of the dogs and they will carry this sense of responsibility the rest of their lives.

This responsible behavior will then carry over into other aspects of their lives. When they have their own families, it will be no arduous task for them to take care of the people that they love. Their love of animals will also infect positively on their spouse and children, who in turn, would also want their own pet dogs. As you can see, your kids will have carried down a beautiful legacy of responsible pet dog ownership.

This sense of responsibility that they have learned from caring for dogs will also reflect on how they manage their jobs or businesses someday. Their daily habit of monitoring the needs of their canines will also make them meticulous with both the big and small details of their jobs or businesses.

You will have realized by now that it’s now only you as parents, who can teach your kids valuable traits that will serve them in good stead as they become grown ups and share to the community. Other contributors who develop to the kids’ whole persons are their teachers, friends, authority figures, and of course, their furry friends who we have come to know as man’s best friends.

This article was written by Caroline Jones, from barkfriend.com

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