What Can You Learn From Scandinavian Garden Design?

Scandinavian inspired designs are a very popular decor trend for the home at the moment. The minimalist designs that make more from less are taking over more traditional and cluttered designs. This trend is starting to spill out into the garden and people are opting to take inspiration from these stripped back designs.

If you’re looking to make some changes to your green areas, why not try some of these great Scandinavian inspired ideas?

Reclaimed Material

What Can You Learn From Scandinavian Garden Design?


Scandinavian countries have a strong focus on environmental issues and they’re bringing this into the garden. Making furniture and planters from reclaimed wood reduces the impact that the garden has on the environment, as well as giving it a nice, rustic aesthetic. There are all sorts of ways that you can use old bits of junk and turn them into planters so get creative with it.

Natural Palettes

Blending into the natural background is another vital aspect of their garden design. The best way to do this is to use natural palettes and lots of wood. There are lots of different types of fence panels that all give you a great natural look that doesn’t overpower the surrounding flora and fauna. Steer away from painting the fences in any colors and let the natural aesthetic of the wood do the talking. If you are going to paint any of your fences or furniture, stick to shades of green and brown that blend well with the plants, giving the whole garden a natural look, as if it had all grown without your help.

Let It Go Wild

Carefully tended shrubs, cut into perfect spheres, are popular in traditional garden designs but the Scandinavians prefer to let things go wild. In some areas, you can keep things trimmed, but it’s always good to leave certain areas of the garden to do their own thing. It gives the garden a more authentic, natural look and reduces the amount of maintenance you need to do. When plants drop buds and seeds, just leave them be and let the garden decide for itself where it wants to go. That way, you can build the rest of your garden around its natural direction.


Scandinavian countries have a lot less light during certain parts of the year so people living there have learned to build their gardens around it. Take note of how the light hits your garden and see if there are any plants or pieces of furniture that are blocking it out. You can then rearrange things to get the maximum amount of light into the garden, for as long as possible.

Live Outdoors

Scandinavian Garden Design


We don’t get as much use out of the gardens as we should do, and we can learn from the Scandinavian approach here. Lots of their gardens have small outdoor kitchen areas where they can prepare food so they can make the most of their time outside in the summer. A small preparation area with a few hooks for utensils is perfect for those summer bbqs.


By taking inspiration from these more simple, yet functional gardens, you can make the most of that space during the summer months.  

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