Making The Most Of A Small Garden

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a garden, and with the rate the towns are expanding, most new houses come with an extremely small garden. But that doesn’t mean that you can make the most of it. Small gardens can be as lovely as a large one, plus it has the added benefit of not needing as much maintenance.

To get the most out of your little garden, you do need to spend a little time designing it in a way that creates and utilises the space you have, while also giving it the illusion of even more space.

Making the most of a small garden


Levels are your best friends when it comes to designing your small garden. Use plants of different heights, including climbing plants, to create the illusion of depth and height. Low lounge chairs are great to put you at a level to enjoy more of the space and to immerse yourself into the paradise you have painstakingly created. Hang potted plants along the fences, or implementing trellises will introduce more depth, and, by covering the physical edge of your garden, you’ll make it seem bigger than it is.

Out Of The Ground

If you have limited grass or level space, rather than cutting flower beds plant things in pots. This will mean that you can move things about as you need, and use the more awkward areas of the garden. Use hydroponics to minimise the use of soil, which means you can use smaller and sleeker containers. Again, climbing plants and hanging baskets are great ways to keep things off the ground. The more interesting aspects you have to draw the eye the better, but be careful not to crowd the space or you can just make it look even smaller.


Creative storage is the key to utilising your small garden. Double up benches and stools as storage containers, custom build a shed to take up minimal space, but maximum storage. And slim down what you actually need to store in the first place. DIY projects are great ways to avoid spending extra money, and can be great additions to any garden.

Double Up

When investing in gardening tools, try and get some two-in-one items. You don’t need fifty different trowels when two will do. By shopping smart, you will be able to reduce what you will need to store. Also, double up pots; rather than lots of little ones, opt for bigger, or longer ones that you can use to plant multiple plants, at different levels and perfect for planting a mix of seasonal flowers.


As we said before, low lounge chairs are great in a small garden. When it comes to seating, you need to decide whether you want one big piece of furniture or multiple small ones. Traditional iron-ware table sets are great for small gardens, as are round love seats. It really depends on what you want to use your garden for.


What are your ideas for a small garden?

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5 thoughts on “Making The Most Of A Small Garden

  1. Some great tips, we have a fairy small garden so the use of levels would make a real difference to give a bigger perspective

  2. I think small gardens are usually more pretty than large ones there is so much you can do to create a gorgeous space

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