Don’t Damage Your Garden With These Dreadful Decisions

So you’re thinking about redesigning your garden, whether you have just moved in to your new place, or it’s been long overdue, there are many common mistakes that are made that you will want to avoid at all costs. Here are a few examples.

Re-designing your garden

No plan

First and foremost, no matter how many ideas you think you have that’ll be simple enough to do – don’t just go into them with no plan of action. Write out a plan of ideas in order of ease, and then figure out exactly what you want and what you need to do to get it done, along with any prices if you think it will cost you money. (In this case, you should also create a budget!)

The easiest way to make a plan is to sit in your garden, have a good look around and figure out what’s missing, like colourful drama – or what needs to go, like an old bust up fence. Remember that no job is too big or too small if you have the right equipment and knowledge.

Old flooring

If you haven’t already got an area in your garden that is something other than grass, it may be a good idea to create one as this will break up the garden by sectioning off spaces without having to build a wall or a fence. This will not only give it more texture, but it will also be the perfect place to install a barbeque and have a social gathering with friends and family, without worrying about all the different footsteps damaging your lawn. If you have wood put down, upgrade your deck with new timber. Not only is it resistant to all the horrible pests like woodworm and termites, but it is also made from 95% of recycled materials, making it extremely eco-friendly. Plus, it won’t require any sanding, oiling or painting like regular wood does.

Flower frenzy

Flowers are a beautiful thing to have in a garden. They bring an array of colourful shapes, sizes, and patterns, let alone the scent that leaves your outdoors smelling like a model’s beauty room full of delicious perfumes and aromas. But one important thing that people seem to forget is that those bright colours don’t last forever. When the season and timing is right, they’ll be perfect, but after those few weeks have gone by, you can expect the petals to shrivel up and fall off, leaving you with a whole bunch of random stems and a depressed looking garden. To avoid this from happening, welcome in the foliage. You can use them strategically to give more fullness and depth to your backyard without it looking empty while your flowers have gone out of season.  


Now you have a basic idea of some common mistakes that you should avoid; you can now figure out exactly what you want your garden to have (and what it shouldn’t have.) Remember that it should be your sanctuary where you feel comfortable and can reside away to when you need a break, so design your garden to fit your personality and it’ll be perfect.

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