Breaking Out of Your Cooking Comfort Zone

Cooking is a fantastic skill to have and a cooking comfort zone can be a good and a not so good thing. However, it’s much cheaper to cook for yourself than going out to eat and you have complete control over the nutritional content of your meals. Cooking is great if you want to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. However, you might find yourself getting bored of cooking eventually. There are a number of reasons why this might happen. For instance, you might find your meals to be boring or bland, or you might be worried about trying something new so you stick to the same recipes.

Breaking Out of Your Cooking Comfort Zone

To help you out, we’ve put together a few tips to break out of your cooking comfort zone so you can reinvigorate your love for your own food.

Check out some cooking channels and cookbooks

A great way to find your passion again is to look at some YouTube cooking channels. This can help you seek inspiration for new recipes and you can even learn some unique cooking techniques to expand your knowledge.

Dedicate your free time to cooking something that takes longer

Instead of treating cooking as a necessity, treat it as a hobby. Choose a recipe that takes a little more preparation or work to make and dedicate more of your day to it. Let your cooking time blend into your free time so you can start enjoying it and taking your time with new recipes.

Try cuisine from a different country

It’s also a great idea to try out recipes from a different country. The next time you decide to go out for a meal, try something unique that you’ve not tried before, or listen to recommendations from friends and family members. This can be a good way to expand your palate and encourage you to try different foods. These Chinese recipes are the perfect pick me up and can really encourage you to try out different flavors. Getting out of your comfort zone with food is a lot of fun since it opens up your explorative side and will inspire you to cook with different flavors.

Use ingredients that you normally wouldn’t

If you’ve always been curious about certain ingredients then trying them out is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Perhaps you’re not used to cooking certain meats or maybe you want to try a vegan alternative to something you normally cook. This is a fantastic way to expand your cooking knowledge and embrace different kinds of ingredients and tastes.

Upgrade your kitchen with some new appliances and tools

There are lots of kitchen essentials that will help inspire you to cook more. For example, a sharp set of knives will really help with faster food prep, and some appliances such as a spiralizer are one-of-a-kind additions that will unlock new options in the kitchen such as vegetable noodles. It’s a good idea to remember that you don’t need to spend a lot on kitchen appliances, but you should aim to avoid cheap options because they won’t last very long.

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