A Bit of a Life Update – January 2021

While writing the title for this post, I thought yes actually we are all only having a bit of a life at the moment. Lockdown is no joke this time. I’m finding it harder being in lockdown in Winter. At least last year it was Spring and a very warm one it was so we were outside in the garden all the time. Here is our life update so far for 2021.

Here is our life update so far

L is finding it very hard not going to school and seeing her friends and teachers. She absolutely loves school and I’m gutted that at least half a term has been taken away from her. Although Littel Dottie’s nursery is still open, we haven’t sent her as I don’t believe it’s right. If they have closed the schools, then why haven’t they closed the nurseries as well? As much as I’m protecting my little girl. it’s also the nursery staff that need protecting. They will pick up and cuddle your child that is crying. So in fact they are more at risk and just a high a risk as teachers.

We had a pretty quiet Christmas just the four of us at home. Plans were going to be different, but we felt the risk was too high. Then L woke up on Christmas morning with Chicken Pox! So those next 5 days were fun! Not! I had an inkling that Little Dottie would end up with them as well. And she did last week. She got them a lot worse than L. Poor little mite, her body was covered. She couldn’t sleep by night which means that I didn’t. Which in turn made me tired and run down and then I got shingles. I’ve never felt so tired and run down and feeling unwell, since I had quinsy last year. I really need to get better at self-care.

It’s Mr B’s birthday coming up in a few weeks. He’s always hard to buy for! But as he’s getting into sorting out the garage to start doing a few things with engines these small block chevy crate engines would be great for customising.

Oh I forgot to mention it was also my birthday last week. My first lockdown birthday! But as the Little Dottie was unwell, it wasn’t the same. Plus we couldn’t do anything or go anywhere. But Mr B did treat me to a womens loungewear set, which is perfect for at home.

Currently, the lockdown restrictions are in place and will be reviewed on 22nd February after half term. I’m hoping the independent schools will be able to go back. I’m finding it really hard to homeschool and work at the same time with a toddler around. I’m not a teacher, I didn’t sign up for this!

How are you finding it in lockdown?

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