19 Goals, Hopes and Dreams For 2019

The other day I posted about my blogging goals for 2019, but didn’t really mention my personal goals, hopes and dreams for 2019. I’ve been reading some other blogs, namely Let Them Be Small, Pondering Parenthood and What the Redhead Said and love their idea of 19 aims/goals for 2019. So I thought I would have a think of what goals I’d like to aim for plus my hopes and dreams for 2019.

19 Goals, Hopes & Dreams For 2019 - be kinder to yourself, empowerment, self help, news years goals, resolutions see more at rachelbustin.com

One of my biggest goals for 2019 is to be much kinder to myself. ADEXE kindly gifted me one of the most gorgeous ladies watches I’ve seen in a while. This watch is something for me, it’s helping me to take a step back and look at myself. I’m out of the newborn fuzzy days now, where just brushing my teeth was a goal in itself! It’s now time to think a little about me and not just the girls.


The one thing I love about ADEXE is that they are all for self-expression and empowerment. This is perfect for helping me to feel empowered and know I can be kinder to myself.

19 Goals Hopes and Dreams For 2019 - ADEXE WATCH

Here are my goals, hopes and dreams for 2019.

Number 1, is to be kinder to myself, I will be reminding myself of this one throughout the year. I’m going to take some advice from Yeah Lifestyle and for 2019 to be about family, love, wellness and empowerment. The rest of them are to do with around the home, it’s been hard to get anything done while on my maternity leave the past year. With having a clingy baby and a boisterous toddler, many jobs have been pushed aside. Yes I still have a couple of moving boxes I’ve yet to unpack in the house. But now I’m thinking if I haven’t used the stuff in the box for 18 months do I need it? Decluttering is a big part of my goals for 2019.

19 Goals, Hopes and Dreams For 2019

Always remember this.

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Today I went back to work after my second maternity leave, it was hard. I had to go and pick up baby dottie after an hour as she was crying constantly that whole hour. I took her back home from my mums to where her sister was being looked after by my MIL. She seemed to settle better in familiar surroundings and being with her sister. It’s been a really hard day, but making me think how much more I want dream number 8. Earn a full time income from my blog, so I can stay at home with my girls. It’s making me more determined than ever.

Thanks for stopping by today, I’d love to read your 2019 goals.

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*I was gifted this stunning ADEXE watch in exchange for this post.

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  1. Fantastic goals/dreams for 2019 – it’s great to set yourself some personal goals and targets to keep you motivated and feeling good!! xx
    Thanks for sharing with us.

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