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*(Ad-gifted) – We received these Harry Potter Gifts in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Back when the first Harry Potter book was released I was 14. My mum bought us 1 copy to share between me and my sisters. I was second oldest so got to read it second. After reading that first chapter I was hooked. Over the next few years as the books were released I became totally obsessed with Harry Potter. I like to think I grew up alongside Harry Potter through my teenage years.

As a blogger, you honestly don’t know what is coming into your inbox next. One Friday morning a couple of weeks back, I saw the words Harry Potter Review pop into my inbox and I did a little happy dance! I was gifted the following items to share my thoughts with you in exchange for this post.


These gifts are from Pyramid International and make the best gifts ever for the biggest Harry Potter fan you know!

Harry Potter Gifts

Harry Potter Marauders Map Sequin Notebook (RRP £14.99)

I’ve had to start with my favourite item – the Marauders Map Sequin Notebook. As you know I’m a huge stationery fan and always have a notebook with me. So this sequin notebook is perfect for someone like me.

Harry Potter Marauders Map Sequin Notebook

I bet you can’t guess how many sequins are on the notebook? There are over 7,728 sparkling sequins on its cover!


If you are a true Potter fan you can see that the notebook is inspired by the iconic magical parchment that reveals the current location of anyone on Hogwarts grounds. Swipe your hand up the cover and you’ll see the words ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’, swipe down and the cover magically changes to ‘Mischief Managed’.

Harry Potter Eco Travel Mugs (RRP £9.99 each)

When I’m up REALLY early (4 am early!) to go to work for my day job I like nothing better than to take a hot drink with me. So I have a few eco travel mugs around that I use. I’m all for reusable items now. I want the planet to be a better place for my girls and reusing items like travel mugs is doing my bit.

Harry Potter Eco Travel Mugs

Made from rice husk, a 100% natural and durable by-product of rice, these environmentally friendly mugs are great for refilling with your favourite hot beverage! Part of Pyramid International’s ‘Refill not Landfill’ aim for 2019, the mugs feature no melamine and are BPA free.

Harry Potter Metal Travel Mugs (RRP £10.99 each)

These metal travel mugs are made from recyclable stainless steel and include a classic Hogwarts Express design. Featuring a non-drip lid to avoid
spillages whether you’re at home, work or travelling to Hogwarts; all travel mugs include a double-walled interior eliminating the need for a rubber sleeve. This also means that warm drinks stay warm, and cold drinks stay cold. Just what is needed for Summer!

Harry Potter Metal Travel Mugs

Harry Potter (Slytherin Foil) Premium A5 Notebook (RRP £9.99 each)

I have always had a secret love for house Slytherin. There is something cool about the mysterious snake emblem. So I was chuffed to receive this beautifully designed Slytherin notebook. It’s really high quality and I know will be used for only my special projects.


The notebook has the perfect bound “leather look” featuring foil Harry Potter Slytherin artwork on the cover. The inner pages are printed with a custom logo and there is a handy rear storage pocket, a coloured ribbon bookmark, and pen loop.

Inside cover of the Harry Potter (Slytherin Foil) Premium A5 Notebook

A perfect addition to the Harry Potter gifts collection.

Harry Potter (Hufflepuff Traits) Ceramic Mug (RRP £7.99)

You can get one of these mugs for each house with the house traits. We got sent the mug for Hufflepuff. In our house we have dedication and loyalty, but little patience at times I’m afraid! A lovely addition for a Harry Potter fan.

Harry Potter (Hufflepuff Traits) Ceramic Mug

Available From

The Pyramid International Harry Potter and Wizarding World collection are available at the Pyramid Shop.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this fantastic little Harry Potter gift guide. I’m sure it’s given you inspiration to find the perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan.

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Harry Potter Gifts
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