Blogging Is A Lonely Business – But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Choosing to blog for a career is definitely something different. Because twenty years ago, blogging wasn’t really a career. And ten years ago it was still unheard of. It’s only been in the last, sort of, five years that blogging has really taken off as a way to make money in a mainstream way. But it’s a job that allows you to have a lot of freedom in life. Where you can work when you want and set your own hours. Where you’re able to earn the money that you’ve always dreamed of – when you’re willing to work for it, that is. But there is a downside to blogging – it can be lonely. As a blogger, you work mostly by yourself. So the lack of colleagues can feel a little isolating at times. Blogging can be a lonely business, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Blogging Is A Lonely Business - But It Doesn’t Have To Be

Networking Online

To start with, you need to get online. Now, a huge part of blogging is social media – because it’s often how you’re going to get your content out there! It’s a very digital based career choice, after all. But while you’re there, interact with others. Sure, online interactions don’t always replace those in real life, but it’s a start. By connecting with your audience, you’re getting that engagement in all while connecting with others.

Networking With Brands

It’s also a great idea to network with different brands too. This can often be important to give you monetisation options. But not only that, if you’re then having meetings, then you’ve then got a form of connection that takes place each month and you’re less isolated.

Meeting Up With Other Bloggers

From here, you might also like to think about meeting up with other bloggers. If you are networking with them online, then catching up over a coffee or meeting up to work together in the same space can be a lot of fun. They are kind of like your colleagues, after all.

Meeting Up With Other Bloggers

Going To Events

Another thing that you might want to start to say yes to a lot more, is attending events. This is all part of the job – especially if you’re connecting with brands that you may work with in the future. You’ll be able to network with them and other bloggers alike. On the flipside of that, you could always host your own! You can find a venue or a printed marquee and look into catering options and entertainment. If you have engaged followers, you might even want to do a meet up with them!

Joining A CoWorking Space

And then finally, it could be that you’re able to work away from the home sometimes. Is there a local coworking office space that you can go to so that you’re around others for a few days of the week? Perhaps when the kids are in school or at nursery if you are a parent? Sometimes, even working from a coffee shop gets you out and about and talking to others. Here, just actively looking to get out of the house is a great way to lose that isolated feeling of being a blogger.

Thanks for stopping by today, if you are a blogger I hope some of these tips resonate with you, blogging can be a lonely business.

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