Stress Busting Techniques for Exam Period

Exams can be stressful for children no matter what their age, and all children handle things differently. Some will breeze through exams without a hitch, whilst others struggle to control their anxiety. As a parent, we can’t do the exams for our child, but we can provide constant support and encourage them to make use of stress busting techniques. Here a senior school in Bath outlines some tried and tested techniques your child can turn to when they’re feeling the pressure. 

Stress Busting Techniques for Exam Period - get outside

Exercise and get outside

Exercise encourages the release of feel-good hormones which will help counter all those stress hormones, and it will also refresh your child’s mind and body, so they feel more able to tackle revision or their exam afterward. Even better if they take exercise outdoors and get some fresh air. Sometimes just changing your environment is enough to recharge the batteries and get creative juices flowing. Fresh air will help their brains and bodies feel less sluggish, and it can also provide some perspective if your child is feeling that their exams are the be all and end all. 

Good time management

To get the most out of revision, and stave off panic, encourage your child to create a revision timetable and stick to it in the lead up to exams. This will help control their stress levels as they see that, as long as they stick more or less to the plan, they’ll be able to fit everything in. Make sure they’re not overloading themselves though and factor in regular breaks, as well as time to do fun and relaxing activities. Creating and sticking to a schedule will reduce your child’s stress levels by keeping them focussed. 

Limit social media

Your child may enjoy using social media to keep up with friends, but it can be a big distraction. It’s so easy to pick up your phone for a quick scroll and end up spending hours of unproductive time watching videos. This will only cause your child to become more stressed as they then have to catch up on what they’ve missed. In addition, constantly comparing themselves to their friends on social media might make your child think they’re not doing enough in comparison. Limit social media scrolling to set times and durations to avoid it only adding to your child’s stress levels. 

There’s no getting away from the fact that exam period can be a stressful time, but there are techniques your child can use to limit their stress and anxiety and which you as their parent can support them with. 

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