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Social media is a powerhouse of marketing, just like mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Behind every good business is a great marketing plan to help them through, and in this modern day, social media is a titan of engagement.

Today we are going to take a dive into the world of social media advertising and how you can make the most of your favourite platforms and connect with your audience this year.

social media marketing

1. Set goals

The most important thing you need to do with any form of marketing is to set some real goals that you can stick to throughout the year. For example, you will want to create a goal for followers and engagement each month and this is something you can work on by creating adverts and content to drum up interest.

2. Research your audience

Before you create content for your audience you need to know what kind of people they really are. There is no point throwing out social posts left right and centre if they won’t appeal to the right people. Make sure to think about researching who your target audience is and see what kind of pages they follow and things they like. This will help you understand what you need to do and it will have an amazing effect on your ability to connect.

3.  Run contests

Social media contests and giveaways are always a great way to generate interest for a product or service in a short space of time. Make sure that you think about running a contest or two with your followers where they have to share the post and like your page in order to enter. This will build your audience up straight away and it will make life a whole lot easier for you in the long run.

4. Create content to suit the platform

There are many different social platforms you can use to connect with your audience and they all have different purposes. It is important to make sure that you create the right content for the right people:

LinkedIn– This platform is great for B2B business because it is full of professionals who want to create a network and share their ideas. You can make infographics and share stories here and this can be a good way to make connections.

Facebook– a social network for the people which is suited to all kinds of audience members. Here you can be sociable and fun and video content can be very popular with people on this platform.

Twitter– short and sweet posts are the best here and you can always do well to add some humor into your content. Think about hashtags and using current events to share your brand and connect with your audience.

Pinterest – this is for those who like to be practical and create. If you have recipes made with your products or instructional content this is the right place to put it and it will gain a lot of interest from this.

5. Be human

It is incredibly important that you remember to be real and human when making content for your brand. People don’t want to see salesy posts all the time because they don’t share a fun message and it makes it feel like you are simply a machine who is pushing out useless content all the time. Spark a conversation when making posts such as creating a poll to get peoples opinions on a new product or talk about a new tv show or movie which is out. You need to act like a real person online and people will come and join in the conversation with you as a result of this. Make sure you show people that you are worth following and engaging with.

6. Use video

Video content is by far the most popular and engaged within this day and age. An image is amazing compared to a text post, but the video brings everything to life and it makes your life easier as a brand trying to make an impression. Create a fun video or two and show the world that you have a personality. Sharing videos on social media platforms such as YouTube can be great as this is a vast platform. Also sharing them on Facebook is a great option because you will be able to gain exposure through people sharing the videos with their friends. You don’t even need a fancy camera to make some great content, you can use your phone!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found this post useful on social media marketing.

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