Could Moving Improve Your Children’s Education Prospects?

In the UK, there is a fairly well-established habit of parents moving home in order to improve educational opportunities for their children. In fact, notes that around 32% of professional parents have moved for this purpose, leading many parents to wonder if such a move would be a suitable choice for their children too. If you have pondered this question yourself, then here are a few thoughts you may want to keep in mind…

improve educational opportunities  - Could Moving Improve Your Children's Education Prospects?

The local opportunities

Before deciding to move, it’s important to thoroughly explore the local options. You may find, for example, that there is a great school relatively close to your existing home – it may require more travel every day, but it could be argued that this is less inconvenient than moving home entirely.

If, however, you are simply not happy with the schools available within the geographical reach of your current home, it may be worth considering a move.

The opportunities elsewhere

If you do feel that it may be preferable to consider moving, you’ll then need to think about the options available throughout the rest of the country – so research will be crucial.

When researching, it’s usually best to keep an open mind about location; instead, focus on the schools themselves. There are countless factors to consider when deciding which schools may be suitable, so try to keep your options as expansive as possible. Explore the reports and read reviews for a range of different school types, ranging from conventional state schools to independent schools such as and similar throughout the country. In addition, look at areas such as extracurricular activities available, as well as schools that may cater particularly well for students with a specific talent, such as music or arts. Having a good 11 plus tuition Centre in the area could help when it comes to the 11 plus exams.

When you have a school in mind, try to talk to parents whose children currently attend the school via parenting forums or social media, and visit the school at least once to check all is as you would expect.

The impact of moving home

Finally, there is the last piece of the puzzle to consider: the impact of moving home in and of itself. Moving to another part of the country will be a huge undertaking, especially if you or your partner may also need to move jobs – though admittedly, freelancing and remote working may make this somewhat easier to manage than it would have been ten years ago.

For the most part, parents seem to find that moving home to access better schools is worth it. Yes, the process itself can be challenging, but this is short-term stress that then provides multiple advantages for the whole family over the years to come.

In conclusion

As with almost any major decision in life, there are pros and cons to moving to further your child’s educational opportunities – and there is no right or wrong answer as to whether such a choice would be the right one. Ultimately, moving to an area with a reputation for good schools could be suitable for your family, provided you have considered the entire picture – including the move itself – when making the eventual decision.

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  1. I have a friend who moved specifically so her child would be accepted at her school of choice

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