How To Help Your Kid Choose The Right University Course

Watching your kid go off to university can be a tough time for a parent. It’s likely the first time that your child has lived alone and had to fend for themselves! You’ll probably be feeling some angst around this time, which is completely normal. Choosing the right course is a big decision and, of course, the final say is your kid’s. Regardless, you’ll want to offer them as much guidance as they need. There are a few ways that you can help your child make the right decision. 

How To Help Your Child Choose Their University Course
How To Help Your Child Choose Their University Course

Encourage attendance to open days 

Encourage your child to attend an open day for each university that they are considering. Open days aren’t just important to learn more about the course. Open days are also vital to get an idea of the atmosphere on campus; see the accommodation; and talk to current students about university life. Some universities will offer sample lectures so that your child can really get an idea of what to expect should they choose to study that course. You’ll probably be keen to go with your child to an open day, though they may prefer to go with a friend or sibling. It can be hard to let them do their own thing when you really want to see them make the right choice. Remember, you’ve brought them up as a mature young adult who will be able to make a well thought out decision. 

Brainstorming session 

When you’re helping your child to pick the right course, it’s a good idea to sit down with them and have a brainstorming session. These can be particularly helpful if they are unsure about which subject they should take. In a brainstorming session, you can help them to write down possible future careers which they are considering. Remember, some kids won’t be sure at this young age about what they want to do for a career yet.  If they aren’t sure, you can instead ask them which subjects they prefer at school and what they like about them. Ask them what they think their strengths are too. Perhaps they’ve always excelled in creative writing or literature? Or maybe they are more of a maths expert? If you child has some career options in mind, help them to research the courses that will help them to achieve these. A brainstorm session like this can help your kid to discuss and debate their preferences and options. 

The best university 

The best university will mean different things to different young adults. If your child is a real homebody, a location closer to home might help them to adjust better. If your child is entering a specific field, some universities will be better than others. For example, with an aviation course, you’d want to research ACS best aviation school. Or, for a chemistry course, research the universities with the highest employability rate for these graduates. They’ll be some prestigious universities that you’ll likely have heard of, and maybe you’ll be keen to guide your child towards these choices. Depending on your kid’s chosen course, preferred location or campus culture- the universities that you view as the best may not necessarily be best for them.

With these ideas in mind, the easiest way to make a good decision is through very thorough research.

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