Coronavirus Crisis: What Now for Schools and Colleges?

COVID-19 is a global pandemic that will be remembered for generations to come. In addition to killing people and leaving many sick, the pandemic has affected the economy and many sectors such as the education sector. Many schools across the world had to shut down, and the required conditions to reopen were to meet various guidelines set by the World Health Organization (WHO), health departments, and the governments of individual countries.

Although many schools have already resumed classes, the challenge of preventing the spread of coronavirus in these institutions is a significant burden for a school’s administration and the parents.

Coronavirus Crisis: What Now for Schools and Colleges?

As the world ushers in a new year, schools will be resuming after the Christmas break. There are necessary steps to keep coronavirus from wreaking havoc in schools.

The Current Challenges

One of the biggest current challenges, as mentioned, is to keep children safe. Maintaining social distance as recommended by the health officials is such an uphill task in both schools and colleges. Many have been tasked with increasing the number of classrooms and learning spaces to promote social distancing.

Another challenge is maintaining hand hygiene, which is also mandated by the health sector. Schools are required to set up handwashing areas and provide soap. If this is not possible, the students have to carry hand sanitizer at all times and use it frequently.

There is also the challenge of wearing protective masks at all times when in public. Schools and colleges must ensure that students adhere to this directive to protect themselves from contamination.

Lastly, there is the requirement to check the temperature of each student before they are allowed in the institution. Those found with a temperature above normal should be isolated while medical health professionals are called immediately.

The Need for More Classrooms and Space

As mentioned, one of the requirements for schools and colleges is extra classrooms, libraries, and other facilities. Many schools and colleges have been turning to temporary structures that are more affordable and fast to make. Consequently, these structures are the best emergency response to the crisis. Furthermore, schools and colleges in the UK can go to this web-site and hire temporary classrooms and other spaces for their schools.

According to experts, these classrooms are usually very affordable, and setting them up only takes a few days. If the school wants to retain these classrooms, they can buy them from reputable temporary structure providers. And the good thing is that they are flexible, which means that they can be used for other purposes even after the pandemic.

Accommodating More Students

As the pandemic continues and eventually comes to an end, many students who were uncertain about enrolling are likely to change their minds and begin or continue with their studies. Hence, schools might have more students in the coming year, which increases the need to have a strategy.

Many schools propose a staggered learning schedule where students come to school in different shifts and continue learning online at home. This will avoid crowding in schools to further promote social distancing.

Dealing with Coronavirus in Schools

As schools resume after the winter break and the rate of infection grows, they should be prepared to deal with COVID-19. The teaching staff should have the right protective gear such as gloves, masks, and transparent plastic face shields. Hand sanitizer should be readily available to all school employees. As mentioned, the easiest way to address a suspected case is to immediately isolate the student and call medical experts for help.


Schools have the major task of ensuring that the education sector is not paralyzed while children are kept safe from coronavirus. The takeaway is that there is a need for extra classrooms and that temporary ones are the best solution. Also, teachers must have the right protective gear and be prepared to isolate suspected cases and deal with the situation very fast.

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