Exploring Truro With Treasure Trails – Review

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I used to live in Redruth before I moved to Truro 10 years ago. Coming to Truro used to be a monthly visit ever since I was a kid. I remember catching a bus to Truro, which used to go on the scenic route I may add, and it takes an hour. In reality, it’s about 20 minutes to Truro from Redruth by car. But do you know what? Apart from a tour of Truro Catherdral a few years back, I’ve never explored Truro. I’ve never studied the town in any detail, and it’s a beautiful one I may add. Exploring Truro with Treasure Trails seemed a fantastic idea to get to know my local city.

Exploring Truro With Treasure Trails - Review

Treasure Trails got in touch asking if I’d like to explore a local area, close to us by taking part in a trail. Mr B and I thought it would be great. A chance to get out in the fresh air with the girls and you can do the trails while socially distancing!

These are the trails in Truro: Truro For Whom the Bell Tolls Mystery and Enjoy Truro – Treasure Hunt Trail.

Truro Catherdral

Before I go on sharing our exploring Truro trail experience, I will share with you a little about Treasure Trails.

What is Treasure Trails?

Treasure Trails are interesting self-guided walks through various areas of the UK. You can go on your own adventure exploring an area of your choice from the ones provided on the website. From catching crooks to tracking down sneaky spies and finding hidden treasure, there is something for everyone. The trail booklets are designed for 2-5 people, any more and you might want to get a second one.

Exploring Truro With Treasure Trails - Review

You can buy your own Treasure Trail from £9.99 or opt for a personalised version for £14.48 (prices correct as of July 2020). You can download your own, or get one posted out to you with s small postage cost.

The trail booklets are highly detailed and easy to work through. They give you a starting location and you can mark off the clues as you go around. Remember a pen or pencil!

If you get stuck on the clues there is a text message service available to help and when you finish you can submit your answer onto the website. This will enter you into a £100 monthly and draw and you can download a certificate for the children that took part.

Explore Truro

Truro For Whom the Bell Tolls Mystery

We got to do Truro For Whom the Bell Tolls. This is a murder mystery treasure trail where you go on a self-guided trail around the centre of Truro trying to solve the case of Isabella Dinga-Donger.

The Port of Truro by Compton Castle
Lemon Quay, Truro

We had so much fun wandering around looking for clues. It made us stop and actually look around, places, and signs that we normally walk past without a second glance. The clues are fantastically put together, I don’t believe they are overly hard, you just need to stop and think them through. I’m not into too much detail of the trail, you have to work that out for yourself!

Fine, Ales and Spirits - The Market Inn, Lemon Quay, Truro

I think the Treasure Trails are fantastic value, for learning and exploring. They have many dotted around the UK, so if you are going on a holiday staycation, it’s easy to bring a Treasure Trail with you for a fun few hours. You get exercise, fresh air, family time, learning in detail about where you live, or somewhere completely new, and you can choose when you want to do it!

Why not head over to Treasure Trails and pick out your next adventure!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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