Like Minds: Off-Base Military Apartment Communities Are a Great Choice

On or off base? That’s a question many servicemen and women have to deal with as their job may demand frequent relocations. Your last base may have been clean, modern, and quiet, but there are no assurances where you’re heading next. If you’re thinking about living off base, here are some perks of doing so.

Like Minds: Off-Base Military Apartment Communities Are a Great Choice

The Freedom You Deserve

If your spouse wants to start a home business, your new or current base may not be so supportive. The same goes if the base is too far from your spouse’s new job. For many military families, living off base is the best way to facilitate becoming a two-income household.

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Moving To A New House Can Be Stressful

Moving to a new house can be stressful it can be the most stressful thing in your life.

True fact.

I thought I knew what stress was, but I really didn’t until now.

Back in February we put our house on the market, we were going to buy a new build. A gorgeous 3 bed detached house and garage in a little plot all by itself with a large garden. Ever since I was little I always wanted a double fronted house, you know those ones that you draw in pictures when you were little.

Well this was my chance to get my own dream house.

new house

So anyway we had 3 estate agents come around and value our 4 bed 3 storey town house and when we were happy with the price it went on the market. We had on average a couple of views a week for 6 weeks but no one seemed to be biting.

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Cyclist Related Accidents: 5 Important Points to Remember in a Bicycle Accident

When riding a bicycle, your safety is of the utmost importance. When you’re on a bicycle, you have very little protection against other vehicles on the road and you are vastly outnumbered. While your defensive driving skills are imperative when riding a bicycle in an urban area, sometimes an accident can happen despite your best intentions.

 If you are involved in an accident as a bicyclist, it’s important to remember the following steps to make sure that your legal rights are protected when a driver hits you while biking.

Cyclist Related Accidents 5 Important Points to Remember in a Bicycle Accident

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Meetchu – A Dating App with a Difference

OK, well you know I’m happily married, but being asked to check out the new dating app – Meetchu sounded useful to those of you who are dating. Years ago when I was dating you had the online dating websites, (which I may have used!) but dating apps were unknown. Back then you were always eager to get home and get on the computer to chat. No apps where you can have a natter throughout the day, or like Meetchu where you can meet before you meet.

Meetchu - A Dating App with a Difference

Meetchu brings alive the online dating scene with its brand new innovative way of getting people together. It’s the dating app that lets you meet before you meet.

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MOT and Summer Car Check Tips

The Summer holidays are here. The weather is hot and sunny and the days long. If you are thinking of taking advantage of these hot days and taking a driving holiday, whether it be in the UK or driving across the channel abroad your car needs to be in tip top condition. Did you know that in the Summer, the heat can cause extra stress on your car? In fact you can be so busy packing for the holiday that care for your car may be taken for granted. Having a regular MOT on your car can prevent unnecessary costs and give you a piece of mind as well of course it being the law!

MOT & Summer Car Check Tips (1)

Here are a few MOT and Summer car check tips to keep you and your family safe this Summer as well as other road users:

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A beginner’s guide to training a puppy

When you welcome a furry friend into the family, it’s important that you begin training them right away. However, if you’ve not owned a puppy before, you might not know where to start. Regardless of whether you plan to train your new pooch all by yourself or with the help of puppy classes, there are a few basics you’re going to need to know. For some helpful hints and tips on how to get your training underway, keep reading.

A beginner’s guide to training a puppy

Set out some ‘house rules’

Before you even bring your new puppy home, it’s a good idea to set out some ‘house rules’. For example, you might want to think about whether they will be allowed on the bed, sofa or other furniture, and consider if there are certain parts of the house that are off limits to your four-legged friend. Deciding on these rules from the get go should help you to put them into practice straightaway when your pup arrives.

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