Wedding Photography – Smartphone or Photographer?

Taking photos and capturing memories on your smartphone is a way of life now. Uploading to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat is what we all do. In fact with all the editing software and filters available on smartphones we are all inspiring  photographers.

However, while society has increased its smartphone camera usage, wedding photography is one area that remains traditional. On most engaged couples wedding planning list is to hire a professional photographer.

Wedding photography - smartphone or photographer?

Here I will share with you why wedding photography is still very much important today.


Your photos will be precious memories of your special day. By not hiring a professional you may lose all those important details. Is it worth the risk to you?

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Can Mattress Like Simba or Emma Improve Your Sleep?

improve your sleep with the Emma or Simba mattress

Over the years, if there’s one thing research has yielded in the sleep industry is, how to enjoy better quality and more satisfying sleeping experience. With the use of technology and scientific backing, companies have succeeded in producing high quality mattresses. They are designed to complement our various sleep preferences and needs.

Two such brands are Simba and Emma. They are both hybrids from the United Kingdom. Offering a medium-firm comfort feel, they are constructed using layers of foam, and spring, including synthetic latex in Simba. Can these mattresses improve the quality of sleep that you and I receive? Let’s find out.

Pressure Relief

mattress pressure points

Sleep isn’t merely for rest. It’s also essential to our survival. It affects our emotional, physical, and mental health. A while back, I always complained of body aches, mainly the shoulders and back. After years of taking painkillers, I finally found out the culprit – my bed.

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Like Minds: Off-Base Military Apartment Communities Are a Great Choice

On or off base? That’s a question many servicemen and women have to deal with as their job may demand frequent relocations. Your last base may have been clean, modern, and quiet, but there are no assurances where you’re heading next. If you’re thinking about living off base, here are some perks of doing so.

Like Minds: Off-Base Military Apartment Communities Are a Great Choice

The Freedom You Deserve

If your spouse wants to start a home business, your new or current base may not be so supportive. The same goes if the base is too far from your spouse’s new job. For many military families, living off base is the best way to facilitate becoming a two-income household.

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Moving To A New House Can Be Stressful

Moving to a new house can be stressful it can be the most stressful thing in your life.

True fact.

I thought I knew what stress was, but I really didn’t until now.

Back in February we put our house on the market, we were going to buy a new build. A gorgeous 3 bed detached house and garage in a little plot all by itself with a large garden. Ever since I was little I always wanted a double fronted house, you know those ones that you draw in pictures when you were little.

Well this was my chance to get my own dream house.

new house

So anyway we had 3 estate agents come around and value our 4 bed 3 storey town house and when we were happy with the price it went on the market. We had on average a couple of views a week for 6 weeks but no one seemed to be biting.

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Cyclist Related Accidents: 5 Important Points to Remember in a Bicycle Accident

When riding a bicycle, your safety is of the utmost importance. When you’re on a bicycle, you have very little protection against other vehicles on the road and you are vastly outnumbered. While your defensive driving skills are imperative when riding a bicycle in an urban area, sometimes an accident can happen despite your best intentions.

 If you are involved in an accident as a bicyclist, it’s important to remember the following steps to make sure that your legal rights are protected when a driver hits you while biking.

Cyclist Related Accidents 5 Important Points to Remember in a Bicycle Accident

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Meetchu – A Dating App with a Difference

OK, well you know I’m happily married, but being asked to check out the new dating app – Meetchu sounded useful to those of you who are dating. Years ago when I was dating you had the online dating websites, (which I may have used!) but dating apps were unknown. Back then you were always eager to get home and get on the computer to chat. No apps where you can have a natter throughout the day, or like Meetchu where you can meet before you meet.

Meetchu - A Dating App with a Difference

Meetchu brings alive the online dating scene with its brand new innovative way of getting people together. It’s the dating app that lets you meet before you meet.

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