6 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your House

Selling your house can seem like an overwhelming task. In fact I would go on to say it’s one of the most stressful things in life. So you want to be sure you’re doing everything right, to get the best price for your home and to sell it quickly. Here are six questions to ask yourself before you sell your home so that you can sell with confidence.

6 Questions You Should Ask Before Selling Your House

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  1. Is now the right season to sell?

When selling a house, timing can make all the difference. This means picking a good time of year to sell, but also picking a good time in your own life and situation. Home sales often begin to pick up around late winter or early spring, peaking during the summer months as families often choose to move in between school years to make things easier on their children.

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What Are Your 3 Main Options If Your Ex Stops Paying Alimony?

If you are divorced and your ex stops paying alimony, what do you do?  There are various avenues you can take to ensure your ex continues paying their alimony as requested. Here are three main options you can consider.

What Are Your 3 Main Options If Your Ex Stops Paying Alimony

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  1. Talk to Your Ex

This is the first and most straightforward approach to ensuring your ex still pays their alimony. Sometimes all it takes is a mere phone call to remind them that they are past due and you need your check. However, this approach may not necessarily work for every single individual. If you find it difficult speaking to your ex, you can consider seeking mediation as an alternative way. However, when you find it difficult dealing with your ex, you can always consider other alternatives such as finding a contempt of court and wage garnishment.

  1. Contempt of Court

In the context of the alimony, you would move to court to find your ex in contempt so you can enforce the order to pay. Just like the criminal contempt charges, civil contempt charges can lead to incarcerations. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff, although it is lower as opposed to the criminal court. Those held in civil contempt are not subject to the same level of constitutional protections as people who face criminal contempt charges.

The sanction for lack of payment will be an order to continue paying as required. Nonetheless, the sanctions could be indefinite, more so when you seek contempt charges to an order that is ongoing.

  1. Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment as an option for making your ex pay their alimony always varies between states. It may involve filing a wage garnishment in the civil court once you win a higher court lawsuit or a small claim. Wage garnishment may also be filed directly with the ex’s employer.

When wage garnishment is filed in a civil action, provide the orders of the judge in a higher court lawsuit. This proves that your ex has a direct order to make their payment. For instance, if your ex works for the federal government such as the military, then it’s possible to file for wage garnishment with the federal government. However, you’ll require a specific legal order from the court asking the government to withhold some money from your ex. Such an order instructs the government (who is the employer) to send the money directly to you.

This approach is always a tricky because a certain percent of the debtor’s income is protected by the federal law. The state statutes also regulate the amount allowed for alimony payment resulting from wage garnishment. Generally, people who head households have certain amounts of their wages protected. For that reason, even when you succeed in a wage garnishment, you need to know that you may be in line with other individuals who already possess established judgments against your ex.

Final Word

If you are experiencing difficulties with spousal or child support enforcement, make sure you seek the help of experienced divorce lawyers. Call Shelly Ingram for all the help you need to deal with an alimony case.


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Which Extreme Adventure Sports Is Best For Your family?

Keeping family life exciting can be a challenge. Instead of the more traditional sports, why not try extreme adventure sports with the kids. These sports can be thrilling and perfect for creating family memories alongside boosting your health and family communication.

In this post we will explore the nation’s best extreme adventure sports for families alongside what equipment you will need and safety tips. So what activity is best for your family?

Extreme adventure sports for fearless families

Rock climbing

From moving up indoor climbing walls to scaling cliff faces outdoors, rock climbing is an adrenaline-pumping activity that is excellent for getting kids fully engaged in sport. But where did it all begin? Rock climbing started to become a loved sport around the end of the 1800s, with the Lake District considered one of three, major ‘birthplaces of rock climbing’ (the others are in Italy and Germany).

Of course, as popularity for the sport grew in the 1940s and 1950s, so did the demand for safety equipment and climbing aids, which made the activity more accessible for younger people and families. From steel carabiners to nylon ropes, technology has helped to propel rock climbing into mainstream sport. Today, you can climb all over the UK — both at indoor venues and on outdoor walls — and the sport has grading system that rates the difficulty of a climb and the climber’s skill to help make the sport even safer — but still just as exciting!

Benefits of rock climbing for families

  • Builds upper and lower body strength.
  • Enhances problem-solving skills (i.e. considering the best route for reaching the top).
  • Encourages concentration.

Rock climbing as a family

As we mentioned, there are plenty of places to rock climb with your family. If you’re just starting out, make sure you choose an instructing company with a high customer rating — especially for safety and teaching. The Association of British Climbing Walls is a good place to start if you’re looking for a climbing wall in your area.

In rock climbing, you’ll notice that you use your lower limbs more than your upper limbs — great to boost fitness and strength but may be tough for little ones at first. Although you and your family will improve in time, it may be worth opting for a few indoor sessions until you’re all confident with the height and physical strain. Once your family feels ready and has learned a few techniques, why not book an outdoor climbing session? There are lots of packages at popular landmarks across the UK and you can even make it into a weekend away.

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Competition – Win Tickets to The Cycle Show in Birmingham

The Cycle Show comes to the NEC Exhibition Centre, Birmingham this September from Friday 28th – Sunday 30th September 2018, and I have two family tickets for you to win!

The UK’s biggest national cycling showcase is a must for cycling fans and families to get out and try riding a bike. There is loads on offer for the kids to try out. From BMXing with the UK’s top ranked BMX pro and Flatland Champion Lee Musselwhite, to testing your skills on the two dedicated free-to-ride kids test tracks.

Competition - Win Tickets to The Cycle Show in Birmingham

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5 Overlooked Expenses That Ruin Your Car’s Budget

I remember saving up for my first car. It’s a big thing when you have passed your driving test and find it’s time to get a car. Cars can be expensive, bottomless pits for money. I should know! There are always some unknown expenses that ruin your car’s budget. My second car was I suppose effectively known as a lemon. There was always something going wrong with it.

5 Overlooked expenses that ruin your car’s budget - t's a big thing when you have passed your driving test and find it's time to get a car. Cars can be expensive, bottomless pits for money. I should know! There are always some unknown expenses that ruin your car's budget.

I loved my blue Citroen C3 she was an exclusive demonstrators model so had every optional extra you could find for the age of that car. She, well I always called her my baby blue car, had front arm rests, built-in sat nav and an extra parcel shelf so the boot had two levels. For a 2003 car it was top of the range.

I suppose being a top of the range ex demonstrator model was a blessing and a curse. The thing was with it having extras, the engine and other parts around the body were different to the “normal” C3 model and when it went wrong the garages found it hard to get replacement parts.

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Reminiscing over those long Summer days as a child

Losing my dad a few months back, has brought me and my siblings a lot closer together. Isn’t it funny how the loss of a loved one reunites that bond? I’ve spent a lot of the Summer reminiscing over childhood memories with my sister. Talking about the good ol days. Reminiscing over those long Summer days as a child when we would get up to lots of mischief, play cricket, stay out all hours and munch away on blackberries.

Reminiscing over those long Summer days as a child

When you are a kid the Summer’s seem much longer. We used to spend the whole day from morning until it got dark outside playing in my dad’s fields on the farm. I used to love reading my books and poems sitting in the hedge. Eating sweets and drinking a bottle of Panda Pop from my bum bag! Now I have a fondness to read in the garden when I get a few moments peace. My favourite genres are crime, thrillers and the occasionally poems about memories of childhood on my Kindle.

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