Starting A Mediterranean-Inspired Bakery

If there’s one type of business that stands the highest chance of success in the shaky early years, it’s a food and beverage business. Food glorious food, who doesn’t like to try something new and excite dormant taste buds? But you have to provide something new and fresh to customers. Just like any business, when you first start out you will have to charge slightly higher prices than you’d want to. So, you need to get customers through the door during the day. Starting a Mediterranean bakery sounds like a winning scheme; especially if you’re from a cold wet climate. Food that’s juicy and hot is going to sell really well. But what do you need to begin your journey?

Starting A Mediterranean-Inspired Bakery

Where the magic happens

Chances are you won’t have a lot of room. When you start your bakery, it will open in a small boutique and cozy space. You won’t have a lot of space to play with, so you need a professional commercial kitchen design that gives you the right equipment without too much space being taken up. Working with an experienced company is a must, as they will have years of knowledge of how to design, construct and fit a modern kitchen for a whole raft of food businesses. They’ve made kitchens for restaurants, cafes, bars, pubs, and hotels to name a few. They will also show you the options you have of the latest appliances needed for the type of food you’re going to be baking.

A bold menu

A lot of research is needed if you’re going to open an authentic Mediterranean-inspired bakery. Buy a few cookbooks from the tops writers and or chefs, from countries like Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Greece. Pick out the kinds of things you want for your bakery and list your reasons. Having something for everyone is the best approach. Some people are rushing to work and want something that constitutes their breakfast. Others will be out enjoying a day of shopping and they want something rich and sweet. Some people might live close by and want some of your bread to add to their dinner. Write a menu that covers all bases and gives customers plenty of choice without bombarding them. Don’t get into the habit of making more than three variations of one item as it takes up room in your display and shelves.

Self-taught vs taught

Every entrepreneur wants to save money by doing most of what’s needed by themselves. In the culinary world, you need to spend money on skilled staff that knows the ins and outs of their cuisines. Therefore when you’re hiring employees, you should look for a mixture of those that have grown up in the culture of the cuisines you’re producing and those that have been to a baking school. A combination of taught and self-taught staff is the most balanced.

Mediterranean countries have a rich history of baking. Starting an inspired bakery covering these countries sounds excellent on paper. But you need the right staff and the right kitchen if you’re going to offer authentic food.

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