Implementing Great Customer Service As A Small Business Owner

Excellent customer service is something all companies should be practicing as a minimum, especially smaller startups and those who rely on word of mouth and the good reviews of people they do business with. 

It is largely believed that good customer service is delivered at the point of contact, eg when a customer or potential customer contacts you. This is actually the point when good customer service is reinforced to back to the experience thus far.

What is the first thing a customer sees when they come into contact with your company? Chances are it is the product, a picture of the product or a testimonial – good or bad from people who have experience with dealing with you. The thing is, your reputation and your first impression are made before you even know.

Implementing Great Customer Service As A Small Business Owner - Kick-Ass Customer Service Tips for Your Business

So how can you make sure that the first thing people hear of you or see of your company is positive? After all, if you make a bad impression word spreads really fast as people voice their complaints everywhere they can – don’t forget everything online is permanent. However on the other hand, if someone is happy with the service you provide, they are a lot less vocal and likely to share.

Know Your Product

Your product, your company, your customers and potential customers. Know who they are, who your target market is and what it is that is likely to attract them. Tailor your business towards your ideal customer and strive to deliver what they are expecting from you and then a little something extra. 

Be available to answer questions, nothing is too much trouble and no knowledge is too great when it comes to dealing with customers enquiries. Nor is being able to deliver this information in a timely manner. If you don’t know the answer? Make it a priority to get the answer asap. 

A great way to know exactly what level of service to provide is to look at how you like to be treated or your family members. Have you had a bad first impression of a company? If so, look at how that made you feel and their impression it gave you of the company. And then look at how not to implement that in your own company.

Deliver High-Quality Products.

Sub-par quality may be cheaper and quicker to produce but by cutting corners you are also reducing the high level of customer service you should be striving for. People want good quality items and good quality attracts compliments and thus the word of mouth referrals. In essence, it pays to invest in the quality of the product or service you are delivering. 

From using the best quality equipment you can such as a wide format digital printer if your company is in the business of printed products or needing to produce high quality printed documents to enable you to deliver on the best customer service your clients expect. 

Consistent Branding

What does your message say about you? Are you aware of how you come across to those that are outside of your company and to people who come into contact with your company? 

Even if those don’t follow onto be customers, the impression they get from any contact with your company will leave a mark on them. How you portray your company online, face to face, or via your dealing with customers, suppliers and more will inevitably form that first impression people have of you.

Make sure that not only you but also those who work for you and any online presence, including social media activity all follow the same rules and portray the same message when it comes to your company. 

Regular training and updating rules on how people act when in the capacity or representing your brand is essential as is looking at how you portray your business. The last thing you want is to be known as the company that created its own downfall due to comments made online or to customers.

Ask for Feedback

You may feel like you are hitting all the right buttons when it comes to delivering great customer service, however, does this portray to the people you are trying to impress and new or potential customers. The best and quickest way to find out is simply to ask.

Use customer feedback forms and welcome any constructive criticism. This way you can use any feedback to help you shape how you deal with issues in the future and also how you come across to the general public or even people you conduct business with away from the public eye.

Think ongoing staff training, use examples of great customer service and take on board any issues highlighted to change how you work for the better. Ask your staff how they feel your company guidelines work and if they have any suggestions on how this can be improved on.

Be Polite.

And courteous and grateful. Treat every sale, every inquiry as if it is the most important thing you have to do and deliver on the exceptional service you too would expect as a consumer, not a business owner.

If you are providing a service, always strive to give your clients exactly what they need and then look for ways to fill gaps they didn’t think they needed to be filled. This will let them know you have their best interests at heart and are looking for ways you can deliver for them consistently. 

By making your customers feel valued, you can go a long way to retaining their custom and by making your product or service appealing to potential customers and following through on enquiries and leads in an efficient and gracious manner, you can build on your successes and take you company further by simply following your great customer service through from beginning to end.

It is the little things that people will remember, and in turn, help you to stand out from the crowd.

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