6 Ways to Enjoy the Nightlife in the Northern Mariana Islands

At daytime, visitors to the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) can enjoy the U.S. territory’s major attractions, including Mount Tapochau, Managaha Island, and the Suicide and Banzai Cliff memorials. But what is it that guests can look forward to at night? What is it that you can expect to do when the sun goes down the horizon in this beautiful Pacific island escape? 

Tachogna Beach - Tinian - Northern Mariana Islands

Tachogna Beach, Tinian – Northern Mariana Islands

In fact, there’s a lot that you can do! The three major islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota are renowned for their easygoing, yet colorful nightlife. There are plenty of opportunities to go out, mingle with other travelers, feast on Northern Mariana culinary specialties, and enjoy the famous local hospitality. Below, we’ll fill you in on some of these things that you can do on the islands at night, plus some insider tips on how to have a safe but fun-filled night out. 

Nightlife in the Northern Marianas: Top 6 Highlights

No matter if you’re looking for a place to go for a drink, sample the islands’ delicacies, or enjoy some awesome entertainment, there’s no dearth of things to do in the Northern Marianas. Here’s a roundup of the six best things you can do on the islands once evening hits!

Start the Night with a Sumptuous Dinner

By nightfall, you should be resting from your other activities and preparing for dinner. Nothing will fuel you up better for the rest of the evening than a sumptuous meal. Have your fill of local dinnertime specialties like kelaguen, beef tinaktak, or red rice with achoti. It’s just as easy to find international offerings like teppanyaki, Korean barbecue, or pad thai, since the islands are known for their cosmopolitan character. If you want to kick off your evening with a luxurious feel, you can have a meal of steak or freshly cooked seafood. A food crawl around the Northern Marianas could be the highlight of the evening unto itself!

Grab a Drink or Two

Hit up the popular bars in CNMI, and toast to your vacation with a good drink. In some bars, Happy Hour starts as early as 6:00 PM and ends as late as 2:00 AM. CNMI is one of the best tourist destinations to visit for a seriously good martini or a quality craft beer. 

Groove to Live Entertainment

Bars like the Godfather’s Bar and Johnny’s Bar in Saipan also feature live musical entertainment. Go somewhere that advertises a live show from a local band. You can discover new island jams or rock out to covers of classic song hits. Going to one of these gigs should be on your nighttime bucket list. 

Take Part in Some Healthy Competition

If you’re feeling competitive, you and your travel companions can hit the bar for some timeless analog activities. If the establishment has a pool table, play a round of solids and stripes. Or maybe you could try your hand at darts or even shuffleboard. Whatever it may be, you don’t need fancy technology to have a swell night out in the Northern Marianas. 

Sing Karaoke

Maybe karaoke is passé in your home country, but it certainly isn’t in CNMI. It’s certainly not the case for the many karaoke-loving Filipinos, Koreans, and Japanese who have made their homes here. It’ll be especially fun to belt out during a round of karaoke, either with your travel companions or your newfound friends from the islands. 

Dance the Night Away

Last but definitely not the least, it’s a good idea to go dancing while you’re here on vacation. Discos and nightclubs abound in the Northern Marianas. Perhaps the best thing about the clubbing scene here is that it is very laid back. There’s no need to come into the dance hall looking all decked out, as is often the case in fashionable nightclubs abroad. You can simply go where other revelers are and let loose!

Dancing the night away

Additional Safety Tips for a Night Out in CNMI

Don’t forget about your safety and wellbeing while you’re out at night. The Northern Mariana Islands are known to be very safe, but it’s always wise to be ready for anything. Here are some important things that you should remember before you leave. 

Follow the Buddy System

It’s always safest to go out as a pair or part of a group. That way, if anything happens to you, someone familiar can come to your aid.  

Leave Word with Someone You Trust

Give your whereabouts to the staff at your hotel, resort, guest house, or homestay. Let them know where you’ll be, ask for tips on getting around, and get their advice on what you should do in emergency situations. This will definitely give you peace of mind and help you enjoy your night out. 

Carry Emergency Numbers 

It’s also a good idea to have all the important emergency numbers on your phone. Save the numbers of your lodging, the nearest medical center, and the nearest police station just in case you need to dial them. 

Hold On to Your Valuables

As you would do anywhere else, always keep your valuables, like your mobile phone and wallet, close to you. Don’t leave your bag unattended or far away from your person. 

Hydrate and Get Ample Rest

It might be tempting to eat, drink, and dance in excess while vacationing in the CNMI. But if you want to stay in tip-top condition for your daytime activities, do take care of your body. Drink a lot of water, and get ample rest before it’s time to go hiking, swimming, or sunbathing in the morning! 

These tips should guarantee you the ultimate nightlife experience in the Northern Mariana Islands. Which of these activities do you look forward to the most?

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