Graduating Your Business Out Of The Spare Room

Did you know that the best business ideas have come from people that have started with a laptop in their spare room? It’s a known thing that conducting a business out of the spare room is where the successful start. You may have spent time thinking about what kind of business you want to run and figured out that yours is going to demand your time, be extremely popular, and impress people all at the same time. It’s in these moments you have a business idea that could be something, and that’s where you begin. In the beginning, you spend all your spare time with your laptop at home, but the more time you give to your new and demanding business, the more you need to think about your set up.

Graduating Your Business Out Of The Spare Room

New businesses take time to gain traction, but once they do, they can be as fast as anything. You need to realise that your business idea is going to be a popular one, and when other people realise it, you’re going to grow. You need to be able to graduate your business into an office setting, and then you need to go more significant than that. One day you’ll be reading articles about how to get into an office (like this one!), and the next, you’ll be reading about how to make your office move smooth as you get into that city building! Of course, there are many steps between here and there, and taking those steps one at a time is a must if you want to be able to think bigger.

With that in mind, let’s check out some simple ways that you can graduate your business out of the spare bedroom and into a brand new office.

Bring Help On Board

You need to learn to walk before you learn to run, and that starts with getting some help. Your first big step in moving your business out of your spare room is going to be in hiring outside help. A virtual assistant is going to be able to help you with outsourcing the basic tasks that stop you from allowing your time demanded by your business. You should consider a virtual assistant. The benefits of a virtual assistant are many, but the best thing is that you can get on with outsourcing all of those tasks that are holding you back.

You don’t have to worry about updating spreadsheets and mundane tasks from an admin perspective when someone else can do it for you – and far more efficiently. The cost of hiring in a virtual assistant is considerably less than you’d pay an actual assistant. They’re going to be an asset to your business and your first big step in getting out of the spare room. But first, think seriously about getting some business advice before you make any big changes.

Get A PO Box

The one thing that you want to maintain when you have a business at home is that your business and your home are two completely separate things. Having business mail come to your personal address is overstepping a boundary from your personal life into your professional life. You need to be able to work out of your home and keep a business image: and for that, you need a PO box. Not only does it give your business a more professional look, but it also gives you the chance to keep your business away from your personal details. You could be concerned about your customers knowing where you live, and it’s a valid concern when you are running a business from home. Ensuring that you have a PO box ready is going to mean that you have everything that you need in place to keep a business look about you!

Take Baby Steps

So, you may already be dreaming about the office move from your first office to the big city penthouse you have your eye on, but before you can get there, you need to start small. Go from the spare room to a communal workspace. This is where you can hire a desk in a shared office to work from alongside other freelancers and entrepreneurs. Coworking spaces are inexpensive if you want a space to work in that isn’t your spare room, but you can’t quite afford a proper office yet. It gives you a chance to dip your toe into the world of needing business office space, and it means that you have a support staff as well as the right infrastructure to support your business. It’s the perfect solution when you are looking to start small.

Put Together Your A-Team

When you work from home, you’re far less likely to have more than the virtual assistant that we mentioned earlier. So, you need to start to put together your A team of people who are going to make your business a resounding success. The hiring process can be long and stressful if you are specific about who you want, but it should be! You should consider that you need to have the right insurance in place, the correct tax in place, and know that you will be paying your staff a good living wage. You don’t want to be that employer offering people less than they deserve in the name of saving money! Make a list of the people that you would need for your business, and then hire them one by one!

Make Your Move

At this point, you’re ready to go from spare bedroom business to brick and mortar company, and it’s exciting! If you’re selling products, consider warehousing for somewhere to put your stock. If you aren’t, then think about the space that you need to hire and how big you want it to be, and start touring premises. The more that you get to know what you need, the more you can identify exactly where the perfect office for you would be. Choosing a new office is a big deal, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have someone more knowledgeable with you when you do it.

On the day that you begin in your new office, equip it with food and drinks and deck the halls with balloons: you’ve worked hard to get here, it’s time to celebrate. Your business out of the spare room has been successful!

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