Breaking out of the Side Hustle Mentality

Side hustles are a fantastic way to earn a bit of money on the side and also enhance your career. This is especially true if you’re able to land a gig doing something that is relevant to your interests or even your current career path. For instance, if you’re a computer programmer and you have a side hustle helping people develop websites, then it’s excellent practice, experience and it can help you find more employment opportunities in the future.

However, you also need to remember that there’s always the opportunity of breaking out of the side hustle mentality and growing it to a full-time job instead. Side hustles typically start as side jobs that can grow, but many people avoid taking the risk because they want the security from their day job. In this article, we’re going to discuss how you can break out of that side hustle mentality and start thinking about turning it into a fully fledged career.

Breaking out of the Side Hustle Mentality

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It’s time to reach for your dreams

Many people start side hustles because they have passions that are different to what they do for a day job. For example, a person that works in computer programming might have a passion for art, so as a side hustle they might take commission work or design websites for people. If you start a side hustle and find that it’s successful, it’s a sign that you could grow it into a full-time business and finally chase your passions instead of doing a job that you don’t have a real connection to.

Start by doing everything by the book

Side hustles are notorious for not following the books. Although we don’t recommend breaking the law or missing out on important regulations and standards, they do get in the way and occasionally make it difficult for you. If you are going to break out of that side hustle mentality, then it’s important that you do things by the book and start looking at the legality of your side hustle in an attempt to legitimize it. For instance, you need to focus on how you can prevent fraud or customer information being stolen and used. One way is to fulfill your KYC obligations with Jumio or other similar software, but you can also hire security companies that will have all the relevant knowledge that you need to bolster the security of your site.

Opportunities come through taking risks

Something that people don’t realize about business is that the more risks you take, the more opportunities you’ll find. A side hustle is your gateway to more career opportunities and they don’t always have to be related to your current profession or day job. It’s a good way to make new contacts, learn new skills and also pursue new career opportunities. However, if you forever consider it a side hustle then you’ll never be able to grab those future opportunities and your growth will be halted. The more seriously you take your side hustle and start thinking of it as a real career opportunity, the closer you’ll be to having the perfect career.

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