A Business Without A Boardroom, Has No Heart

The boardroom is something that carries with it, an air of mystique. It’s powerful, scary and it’s also full of hopes and dreams. If you’ve watched The Apprentice or ever been part of a large corporation, you know that the boardroom is where the major decisions are made. It’s also where the buck stops. The CEO and the executive team have incredibly intense conversations and it’s something that makes a lot of people tense up. But why does the boardroom stir up so much emotion? It’s really because it’s the beating heart of every business. A business without a boardroom, Has No Heart.

A Business Without A Boardroom, Has No Heart

As a business owner, if you don’t have a boardroom, you are missing out. In a way, you don’t have as much authority as you should. Here’s why the boardroom is something you should have in your company.

A meeting of minds

The heads of departments in your business will have very large personalities. It makes them who they are and you’ve entrusted them with the running of an entire department because they are who they are. What this also means is, you have strong minds that will inevitably clash and bump heads. You want and need this. Any company that doesn’t foster debate and honest open discussion among its most senior employees, will be doomed from the start. 

Set a few ground rules to make sure the conversations have structure. Before any major debates occur, you need to have presentations from each department or from the members of the boardroom who are taking part in certain projects. This way, it’s not just people arguing their ideas from the base and expressing rudimentary concerns. 

Then every member is to go off and make counter-arguments or in a sense, express their disapproval of another member’s ideas. When they meet again, then the real debate can begin, after each executive member has made counter-arguments. Believe it or not, this is how Apple, Google, Nike, Nintendo, IMF, and Mercedes operate. Boardrooms are the epicenter of the company’s future, products, and ideals. 

It must look imposing

There’s been a recent change in attitude to boardrooms. Small and medium-sized companies want to make it less ‘threatening’ to newcomers and thus, it’s all about t-shirts, hoodies, pyjamas and bean bag chairs. However, this is not recommended if you’re serious-minded. You need your boardroom to be imposing, authoritative and serious. A big part of achieving this is the design and decor.

Number one, you need premium boardroom chairs that have a prestigious design. Made out of leather, with great high back support, metal and leather armrests, and great tones, get one of the chairs from this company. The Regal executive chair is upholstered in leather, has a polished aluminum base, a 55mm gas lift, and has 4 different chair adjustments. When your C-suite sit in this type of chair, they will feel that the level of competence demanded from them has risen. It brings forth a plush but a serious atmosphere. They should feel lucky to be in the room and sit where they are. 

A heavy-duty executive table should be in the center of the room. It should be made out of premium wood, such as walnut, mahogany, yew, cherry or rosewood. The large heavy table will be yet another symbol of the boardroom’s power. As you sit at the head of the table, your position will be more respected and visibly seen as the leader. 

Sorting out quarrels

When you have two senior-positioned employees not getting along, it’s important to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This is because they control large and important parts of your business. They might be department heads, compliance officers or perhaps work in your finance or legal team. It might be better to bring them to the boardroom, than into your own office. The boardroom should be for meetings such as these and your office should be for one-on-one private meetings.

In the boardroom, the employees will be reminded of their position and that they are part of a team. It also gives them a chance to speak face to face while you meditate in the middle. Taking minutes is something that one of your staff should be doing, as heated discussions often bring out things that aren’t normally said. You may be alerted to something serious happening as tempers fly but your boardroom is for debate and discussion at the most senior levels.

How key decisions are made

A boardroom is also a democratic place. Although the CEO will always have the final say, you can take votes during key decisions. This way, your executive team cannot hide and play the corporate game of survival. If you are confused or unsure about something, taking a show of hands about the options will illuminate you with the mood of the boardroom. 

Decisions are made this way because you need to carry everybody with you. Disgruntled employees are not what any boss wants, but a disgruntled executive is a lot more serious. If they were to resign and jump ship to go with a competitor, they could be detrimental to your success. This is why it’s so important to make decisions in the boardroom and not in your office.

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