7 Places Freelancers Can Work at Away From Home

Did you know that in 2016 the UK had 2 million freelancers? and of course, that number has risen since then. I’m proud to be a part of that statistic. Working for yourself is the best thing, to be fair I’ve never liked anyone telling me what to do!

Most freelancers work from home, but that can get very lonely, and sometimes a change of scenery is good for the mind. Therefore I’ve come up with this list of places that freelancers can work at away from home. You can try a different one each week if you wish.

7 Places Freelancers Can Work at Away From Home
7 Places Freelancers Can Work at Away From Home
  1. The Coffee Shop – I love to work at my local Costa. Coffee, cake, and WiFi. It’s a perfect match. I’m a bit of a people watcher so I can get a bit distracted looking around at others who are also working!
  2. The Library – If you are looking for a quiet space the library is ideal. Also great for researching while you are there.
  3. Office Spaces – As your earnings increase you may find it useful to arrange a serviced office space. It will be furnished with broadband, electricity, and heating available.
  4. Supermarket – Most supermarkets have a cafe you can go and sit into work, treat yourself to breakfast at the same time!
  5. Bookshop – Some book stores like Waterstones have a cafe somewhere inside. A perfect opportunity to work in quiet.
  6. Someone else’s home – I quite often work at my mum’s. It’s great for a change of scenery. At break times I then have a catch up with my mum. You could work at a friend’s house and have a brainstorming session.
  7. Outside – Whether you go to the park, or sit outside in your garden. Working outside is the best! Well only if it’s in the Summer of course! The fresh air, and vitamin D from the sun, will boost your productivity. I spent lots of time last Summer working outside while the girls were playing.
Working outside
Working outside

As a freelancer, you can basically work anywhere. So long as you are close to WiFi or a hotspot. Working in a coffee shop is my favourite alternative to working from home, with outside being a close second. It’s my dream job for sure.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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