5 Ways To Stand Out From Other Candidates When Applying For a Role

The competition for jobs within many cities throughout the country is huge. And because of this, it can seem impossible to get a job – especially when you’re just starting out. Applying for a role can be competitive.

But it doesn’t have to feel like this – there are ways in which you can stand out from the crowd and showcase to employers why they should hire you over other applicants from the get-go. 

5 Ways To Stand Out From Other Candidates When Applying For a Role

You also need to go into the application process with optimism and motivation – otherwise, you’ll lose faith that you will get a relevant job to your skills. Unless you’re incredibly lucky, you won’t get an invite to an interview for the first job you’ve applied for. You’ll need to apply to several jobs before you hear anything back – it’s the reality of competing against hundreds or thousands of other candidates.

So how do you stand out? Here are 5 key methods that you can use at the start of the process, to ensure that you’ll be memorable to the employer:

1. Demonstrate How Valuable You Are 

In addition to your CV and cover letter, consider submitting several additional documents that showcase how valuable you’ll be to the company. Think about what the role entails and the ways in which you can make a difference to the company. For example, if you’ve noticed a way in which you can undertake a certain project, submit a plan of how you’d complete it. 

The opportunities with this are endless – you simply need to use your creativity and innovative methods to develop something that’s realistic and relevant to them. This approach will demonstrate to them that you have the knowledge of the company and the skill to take on anything that comes your way. A little extra that will make you stand out, they’ll appreciate the effort and enthusiasm.

2. Complete an Internship 

Before applying for your next role, consider taking on some work experience and an internship in your spare time. This will showcase that you’re motivated and determined to succeed within the field. It will also signify that you’ve made use of your time and you have valuable skills that you can then bring to that role. 

3. Further Your Education 

No matter if you’re just entering the world of work or looking for a promotion within your field, it’s worth furthering your education. Whether it’s an online accounting masters degree, a marketing course, a diploma in business or another type of degree/course, it will show that you want to grow throughout the industry and better yourself.

4. Don’t Ignore Your Other Skills and Experience

To stand out from other interviewees, make use of your other skills and experience when it comes time to prepare for your interview. Highlight some ways in which they will come in handy when undertaking the role and how they have benefitted you throughout the years. 

This unique approach will make you seem far more extraordinary than a candidate that has stuck to the status quo. 

5. Prepare For Interviews in Advance 

If you want to be successful in the interview, you need to prepare for it in advance. Although you might think that you can wing it, there’s no harm in doing some research on the companies competitors, history and more. This organisation will impress the interviewers and show the effort that you’ve put into preparing. It also shows that you’re serious about applying for the role. 

As well as knowing about the company, you need to ensure that you know your CV inside and out. They are bound to ask you in-depth questions about it, so you want to be prepared for whatever they throw your way. 

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