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Today for #BookReviewMondays I’m please to start off the blog tour for The Silver Ladies of London by Lesley Eames. I will be sharing with you an extract of the book and hosting a giveaway for you to win your very own ebook copy.

The Silver Ladies of London

Book Description

1920’s London. Featuring four attractive heroines, a scandal, a secret and a silver Rolls Royce. This is a heart-warming story of friendship, loyalty, courage and love.

Dismissed without references when their employer’s valuable necklace goes missing, friends Ruth, Lydia, Jenny and Grace try to rebuild their lives far from home in London.

A surprise financial inheritance and gift of a beautiful silver Rolls Royce leads them to set up in business as female chauffeurs and the Silver Ladies XX is born.

But driving is a man’s world and the girls face a future fraught with constant challenges. Soon their business; romances and even their friendship come under threat.

Can the Silver Ladies overcome their struggles and find love, success and happiness?

Perfect for the fans of Elaine Everest and Daisy Styles.


Northamptonshire, June 1923

Ruth had sat by the window on the bus ride back from Northampton, but it was only when she got off in Ruston that she realised it was raining heavily, the grey clouds robbing the evening of light, though it wasn’t long past midsummer. With her head reeling from Mr Bridge’s astounding news, she’d had no attention to spare for trivialities like the weather.

That news had given her the power to change her life. If change was what she wanted.

Ruth had wandered the streets of Northampton in a daze after leaving his office, but two hours of walking followed by forty-five minutes spent sitting on a bus hadn’t been nearly long enough for her to absorb what she’d learned, let alone come to any conclusions. This awful rain wasn’t likely to clear her mind either, so she dug in her bag for her umbrella and hastened towards Arleigh Court where she worked.

With luck, she’d be able to slip inside unnoticed and find a place to be alone for a while to make sense of all that had happened. To decide what to do about it too. What to say. What not to say…

Despite her umbrella, Ruth was soaked by the time the substantial red-brick Victorian house came into view. She passed through the gateposts in relief, only to cry out in alarm as a man burst through the shrubbery to her right.

She jumped away instinctively, cowering behind her umbrella in that first moment of shock before moving it aside so she could see who he was and what he was doing. Tall and young judging from the trim figure and springing step, he was already walking away, but then he turned his head and looked back at her. Between a hat pulled low and a collar pulled high, only his eyes were visible, but what hard, angry, blazing eyes they were.

The next moment he’d gone, leaving a chill in his wake that made Ruth shiver. Leaving a vague sense of familiarity too, though Ruston was a small town so most people were familiar to some degree. Was he romantically involved with Miss Julia and meeting her in secret because her mother disapproved of him? Mrs Arleigh was a proud, controlling woman whom Ruth couldn’t like, but perhaps she was justified in disapproving of this man. The expression in his eyes had been downright unpleasant.

Grimacing at the memory of them, Ruth turned and walked on through the garden, her thoughts returning to her own dilemmas. The scullery should be empty now. She could—

Ruth gasped as an arm came from behind her to circle her neck and pull her back against a much taller body than hers.

‘You didn’t see me,’ a voice hissed in her ear. ‘Do you understand?’

Terror kept her silent, so he shook her impatiently.

‘Do you understand?’ The voice was harsher now.

‘Yes!’ Ruth shrieked.

‘If you tell a single soul you saw me, there’ll be consequences.’

With that, he drew his arm away and sent her staggering forwards with a hard push to the middle of her back. By the time she’d regained her balance he’d gone. Ruth’s heart was beating in fright. She’d never been attacked before. Who was that man? Again, Ruth felt a nudge of familiarity but those eyes, that voice, that trim build and even the way he walked were like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle she was in too much of a jangle to put into order. And what had he meant by consequences? An idle threat or should Ruth actually be afraid he might harm her?

Anxious to be indoors now, she ran to the back door used by all the servants, but came to a sudden halt outside it. More than ever she needed to get inside unnoticed and give herself time to calm down and think.

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