Like Minds: Off-Base Military Apartment Communities Are a Great Choice

On or off base? That’s a question many servicemen and women have to deal with as their job may demand frequent relocations. Your last base may have been clean, modern, and quiet, but there are no assurances where you’re heading next. If you’re thinking about living off base, here are some perks of doing so.

Like Minds: Off-Base Military Apartment Communities Are a Great Choice

The Freedom You Deserve

If your spouse wants to start a home business, your new or current base may not be so supportive. The same goes if the base is too far from your spouse’s new job. For many military families, living off base is the best way to facilitate becoming a two-income household.

Pets are also of great concern, as their companionship is some of the best support we can get while posted up in a new area. While some bases determine what breed of dog you’re allowed to have, along with other restrictions, off base housing can be more flexible. Apartments near Lackland AFB, for instance, won’t make you rehome your dog, no matter the breed.

Sick of getting locked out? Service members and their families don’t always keep the same schedule as the base itself. If you’re tired of being either locked out or locked in, it’s best to live beyond the gates.

Finally, the biggest draw for those who end up in outside apartments is their Basic Allowance for Housing. On some bases, it simply doesn’t seem worth it to surrender your entire BAH when greater amenities can be had for less right up the road.

Part of the Community

Not just any off base living situation will work for everyone. Some might find it suitable to buy or rent a home for their family, while others might not require an entire house. Military-centered apartment communities allow for striking the perfect balance between greater independence and remaining close to military culture.

For example, many of your neighbors might keep similar hours, working jobs similar to yours. You’ll also be able to build new friendships with people who understand your duties, and have like principles.

Still, off base living can allow for a quicker change of pace. If you find your job stressful, it might be helpful to spend your downtime off base in your own place. We all need to get away from our work sometimes, and this can be harder for those in the military.

You may even find yourself enjoying the community in which you’re stationed. When your whole world revolves around what’s happening on base, you don’t have as much desire – or opportunity – to get out and see what your current area has to offer. Living off base lets you come and go as you please, and can be within closer proximity to activities you’d like to enjoy in your spare time.

Looking for greater work/life balance? Searching for a way to maximize your BAH? Want to give you and your spouse the extra room to live the life the way you see fit? Then living off base might be for you. When you choose a military apartment community away from base, you’ll enjoy more freedoms without sacrificing what matters most.


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