The Gift of Foresight by Raven Knox – Book Review

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Today I’m sharing with you a review of a lovely book called The Gift of Foresight by Raven Knox. It’s been a book, I’ve read every spare minute I’ve had the last two weeks. Of course with the girls, it’s hard to read more than a chapter at a time! Read on to see what I’ve thought.

The Gift of Foresight by Raven Knox - Book Review

Book Description

Alyss wished she could have seen their divorce coming. Will needed to see a better future. Harrie was desperate to see anything.

Life was almost perfect until he left them. Will was a good man, torn and confused. Alyss was bitter, hurt and lonely. Harriet could never see what she always knew was there. They always loved each other …

My Thoughts

The Gift of Foresight makes you think about the characters deeply. I’ve got to say I didn’t have the foresight as to what was going on with Will and Alyss’s relationship! The book does start off slow but gains traction as you read along. I found the second half of the book much better. As you read about Will and Alyss’s childhood, how they met, first dates and kisses, etc.

At the start of the book when Will just up and left Alyss and Harriet, I didn’t think much of him. Why would you leave your 5 year old daughter who doesn’t understand what’s going on, and especially as she can’t see? It made me think of him as a shallow person, who wasn’t prepared to work on his relationship. But as the book goes on you realise he has issues that were put upon him from his family.

Alyss, on the other hand, is a strong character who will work hard and do anything and everything for her daughter. From a military background, she likes structure and straightforwardness to her life, but her relationship with Will is anything but straightforward. He breaks her heart, but she doesn’t understand why. Luckily she has a close family unit around her.

Harriet is my favourite character. She’s strong and determined. She wants her mum and dad back together and will try anything. You read about her thoughts as a teen with crushes on boys and how she goes to a regular school as she wants to be the same as others.

The way the author of The Gift of Foresight tells the story of these three characters is special. We each hear from their own point of view. This is particularly special when close the end we have flashbacks of Will and Alyss’s life together before Harriet came along and up to her birth.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this read. It’s a great book for those who are fans of tricky relationships.

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  1. This sounds like a book I would like to read, tricky relationships is definitely something that is in my life so this would be interesting to read! Thanks for the review

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