Book Review: 2051 by L. Stanley

This past week I have been reading a new dystopian novel by L. Stanley, 2051: The Emancipated Synthetic. I haven’t read a dystopian book for while. The last ones being the The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, but those books are more young adult designed. I did watch The Handmaid’s Tale last year on TV and really enjoyed it, that’s set in a scary world much like 2051.

Firstly here is a little bit more about 2051.

2051 by L. Stanley

Book Description

In the year 2041, a law was passed stating that all crimes, debts and unfulfilled sentences could be traded for either the simple exchange of free labour, the exchange of personal favours for those in power, or for the increasingly popular exchange of a wholly domesticated existence measured by the severity of the previous outstanding liability.

With the criminal justice system all but abolished, this became a way of life in England, none challenging that which was the norm: trading life and time for gain, prosperity and eventual emancipation.

For once in history, captivity and servitude were valued by all parties.

And freedom was the myth and secret it was always thought to be.

My Review

What if there were no prisons, hospitals were on the brink of collapse and poverty was rife? 2051 explores this future that to me is a very scary one.

The transport systems are all below ground now, so life on the surface is much quieter. Bikes can travel along without the threat of motor vehicles. In fact the surroundings seem much the same except it’s silent, no hustle or bustle. Criminals are auctioned off to the rich, homeless people are everywhere. Schools are being closed down and the law-abiding citizens are afraid to go out. Once home they lock up and prey that evil does not find them.

The criminals are not like criminals as we think, some are plagued with the tag criminal for not paying their council tax as an example or guilty for trying to send their children to school.

The justice system is turned upside down. The government is crumbling at its knees.

2051 is an exciting debut novel that will keep you intrigued and yet frightened as to what the country has become. I thoroughly enjoyed the way 2051 plays around with the government/political side of a dystopian world. A great read by a debut author!

Totally deserves 4 out of 5 stars from me!

  • Pages: 368
  • Publisher: Ghost & Ribbon Publishing (23 Jan. 2018)

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*I was sent an e-book copy of 2051 in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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