Paramedic Chris: A Sorry Bully by Tim Parsons – Review

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At the beginning of the year, we received the first two Paramedic Chris books to review. You can catch up with that review just here. L still loves her ambulances and paramedics. Her nursery is next to the hospital so she loves to spot the ambulances and see if Paramedic Chris, Zara, or Holly is driving! The first two books are firm bedtime favourites. L loves to chat about what they do and their medical kits. So she was so excited when the author Tim Parsons sent her the third book in the series *A Sorry Bully to read.

L reading Paramedic Chris A Sorry Bully by Tim Parsons - Review

Book Description

Paramedic Chris and Holly are excited to be visiting the local primary school but does the visit go according to plan?

Paramedic Chris: A Sorry Bully by Tim Parsons - Review

What We Thought

Just like the other two books, A Sorry Bully is very informative of the life of a paramedic. Not only do they attend medical emergencies. they also help to educate. Therefore in this book, Paramedic Chris and Holly are visiting a school.

We felt this book was much shorter than the others, but it incorporated the life of a paramedic with school life, in particular bullying which is particularly relevant.

A Sorry Bully is lovely to read along with children, to get them to understand the role of a paramedic. With brilliant colourful illustrations.

Paramedic Chris: A Sorry Bully by Tim Parsons - Review

Where To Buy

The Paramedic Chris Series is available to buy from *Amazon and Waterstones.

Paramedic Chris: A Sorry Bully by Tim Parsons - Review


You can also now buy the audiobooks from here, which I may add are fantastic. You really get into the story and L absolutely loves to listen along now while following the story in the books. It’s fantastic that the author has made the series as accessible as possible, by deciding to expand it by recording audiobook versions.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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