Our Four Favourite Books on Sharing (for Siblings Who Don’t Share)

*This is a guest post from Petra over at A Mum Reviews on their four favourite books on sharing.

Back in autumn last year, my two daughters suddenly reached a stage where sharing became difficult. My eldest was nearly four years old at the time and my youngest one and a half years. They started bickering over most things and it was especially difficult for my eldest to share.

Books are a great way to start talking to your children about important topics and to show them different situations that might help them think about how they act in their own lives. I went online and started browsing for books about sharing – for siblings and for sharing in general – and soon found four books that I bought.

Books on sharing

This is the book that’s the most what I was looking for. It’s about a big sister whose baby brother keeps wanting everything she has and making her things messy and sticky when their mum tells them to share. Soon, she learns that it can be fun and nice too and that sharing with your sibling can be lovely and enjoyable.

This funny book is about a set of twin girls who always fight over their one and only beloved Funny Bunny. They fight so much that one day they pull his ears off as they pull him in different directions. Luckily, their granny can fix him, and she also shows them a way to play and share that keeps everyone happy.

This rhyming story is not about siblings but about two greedy squirrels called Cyril and Bruce who both have their eyes on the very last nut of the season. They both race after it as it bounces down the forest and on this crazy ride, the squirrels learn that working together is the only way to save themselves and a beautiful friendship begins.

The last book on our list is not sibling related either but simply about sharing. It’s an underwater tale of friendship and fun from Julia Donaldson whose books we love. In this story, we meet Crab who finds himself a new shell that he doesn’t want to share with anyone – especially not a blobby purple anemone and a tickly bristleworm, but he soon realises that he needs his new housemates. The book has a brilliant rhythmic verse and gorgeous and colourful illustrations, complete with glitter on every page too. The girls love it!


My daughters still struggle to share sometimes and bicker and argue but I do think that this collection of books on the topic have helped them think about things and I can remind them about how things go in the stories.

By Petra from A Mum Reviews.

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