Toy Review: Kinetic Rock 3 In 1 Loader

My daughter is a tom boy, she would rather be outside playing in the muddy puddles than inside playing with her girly toys. So when we were asked to look at the Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader toy set it was very appealing. In fact her aunt is a geologist and has always been fascinated with rocks so I’m not surprised she’s the same.

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

I love the idea around the Kinetic Sand sister product, no mess, but still lots of fun and great for indoor play. The Kinetic Rock looks just the same. In fact it’s made from actual natural rock that sticks together. It can be moulded, crushed and packed together to build lots of 3D creative possibilities. I love the feel of the rock and my daughter did as well!

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

What’s Included with the Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader set?

  • Loader with drill, crush and scoop clip on tools
  • 226g of gold Kinetic Rock
  • A poseable construction figure with a safety helmet, and shovel, pick, wrench and lunchbox to create a real construction job site.
  • Silver diamond which you can bury and hunt.

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

What We Thought

Unpacking the Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader set was fun. You have to fit the wheels on the loader to put it together, which I think gives it that extra little thing to make it exciting for kids. You also have to put the construction worker together. This was a little tricky as his limbs are very small. So as you can imagine this toy set is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

Before we opened the bag of Kinetic Rock I honestly thought it was going to be sticky, but it wasn’t so. It also never dries out which is a good thing! Lots of play! The rock takes a few minutes to squish together in your hands, it’s very mouldable. I found that if a few bits dropped on the floor I picked them up with a larger ball of the rock. It doesn’t stick to carpets either and can easily be brushed or vacuumed up. It’s the perfect messy play fun without the mess!

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader

The only thing I would say needs improving is a larger bag of Kinetic Rock to be included. Especially if there is more than one child playing.

We loved the Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader toy set. It’s going to provide hours of fun for everyone. It encourages creative play as well as sensory fun.

We haven’t tried out the Kinetic Sand yet, but if it’s as good as the Kinetic Rock it’s a must have!

Stockist: The Kinetic Sand 3 in 1 Loader is available from all good toy retailers.

RRP: £16.99

Age: 3 years +

For more information about Kinetic sand or Kinetic Rock visit their website:


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*We were sent the Kinetic Rock 3 in 1 Loader in exchange for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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