What It’s Really Like To Work With Brands As a Blogger…. and Those SEO Types

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I’ve been working with brands as a blogger for over 5 years now. I’ve built up a really good relationship with a special few. Reputation is big in this industry to gain repeat work. PR’s that work with different brands do move around to different companies and often they will ask you if they can take your details with them. That’s why it is important to be professional at all times as they say people talk!

Work With Brands As a Blogger - The world of blogging - what we have to deal with each day

In today’s post I’m going to write a little expose and share with you what it’s REALLY like to work with brands as a blogger, also the SEO types who call you dear! I’m naming no names as that’s unfair, plus it’s really UNPROFESSIONAL. As I mentioned just now reputation is everything and I’m not going to tarnish mine by putting my big foot in it. But it’s good to share the types of opportunities that arrive in my inbox on a regular occasion so you truly get an idea of what we bloggers have to deal with. There are many ways to get paid blogging UK work, the most common being collaborative posts, and through affiliates. You just have to weed out the ones trying to take advantage of you. So here is a break down of all the situations I find myself in most weeks, well, in fact, most days!

What It's Really Like To Work With Brands As a Blogger.... and Those SEO Types

PR companies

I love working with PRs. These are the ones with the great budgets (most of the time), the ones that are the blogger’s dream to work with. They are the go-between if you like between the blogger (I dislike the word influencer, so I won’t be using that in this post) and the brand. Being on a PR’s blogger list is pure gold. Just do a good job for them and they will remember you. Love you! Just please email us when we have sent work over to you, even if it’s a quick thanks! But then communication goes the other way as well if you are not going to meet a deadline, let the PR know. And bloggers please please, if you promise to do something, whether that’s a review, social shares, etc DO IT! Don’t ignore them and always follow through. Again – REPUTATION is everything!

The small start ups

You get the start-up companies wanting to share with you their next latest product. But in return they want EVERYTHING. When I say everything I mean a full-on review, good images, social shares on every channel all in exchange for a £20 product and it’s not a paid gig. Good on them for reaching out, we all start somewhere don’t we? The worst ones for me are the ones with the crowdsourcing forms they want you to share. Yeah like really!!?? But to add to this, I do share and work with some charities for free, recently I shared these crochet bears for the NHS.

Blogging networks

Some bloggers like them, some don’t. I work with a few and find them another good source of work. But on occasions, you sign up with them, get excited about the potential work, and then nothing. Never to be heard of again. One of my favourites is Getblogged.net you can apply with a blog DA as low as 5. In the blogging work DA is important, it shows how authoritative your site is compared to similar in your niche. Plus the higher it is, the more SEO’s you will have emailing you for link placements and guest posts. You can find out your blog DA over at MOZ. It’s pretty useful for finding out other website metrics as well.

blogging networks

Working for free

I don’t work for free. “Free” doesn’t pay my bills or feed my family. Everyday I have emails sent to my inbox asking me to work for free. Whether that be sharing on social media or “adding a resource” to my blog posts. I just want to point out, you are not working for free so why should you expect me to?

Low payers

OK, so the SEO types that email you wanting to add a link or contribute a guest post to your site for $5. What’s that all about? These are like buses, I can go a few days with none of the “low payers” or I can have 10 emails a day offering between $5 and $15 for a guest post. I did hear someone was offered $2! Now we all have a bottom rate we won’t go below. These past few months have been hard on everyone, so we may have accepted a lower fee. Now if this is for your food shop to feed your kids, I’m not here to judge. You do what is right for you. Personally I feel the low payers are worse than the wanting you to work for free types. Sometimes the ones wanting free work don’t have a budget at all. I’ve heard a lot of established bloggers use this phrase “know your worth”. You work bloody hard on your blog. With them contacting you, you obviously have something they want. Don’t let them have it for peanuts!

Waiting for payment

So I thought I would end with this one. Waiting for your payment. The bane of a blogger’s life. We spend hours each month chasing payments. Some payments are even 60 or 90 day terms! I know my mortgage won’t wait 90 days for it to be paid. It seems as if the bloggers at the bottom of the chain and last to be paid. It’s kind of sad.

Final thoughts

It’s amazing being a blogger, there is no life like it. You e-meet many different people, from fellow bloggers, your fantastic readers and followers, PRs, and the SEO chaps who don’t know your name – hello dear! Not forgetting you become good friends with the postie and the delivery drivers. Yes, you are the crazy lady with loads of packages and the biggest pile of cardboard for recycling in your street!

So you wanted to know what it’s like to work with brands as a blogger, well here you have it. I have enjoyed writing this worts and all blog post when everyone has gone to bed. It’s been my few minutes of me time! Remember PR’s and SEO’s come in all shapes and sizes, we couldn’t do this job without you! Thank you for brightening up our day!

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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  1. Not a blogger but what an interesting post. Your thoughts are actually really good advice for anyone starting out in business.

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