My Year In Review: 2017

My Year In Review – 2017 has been an eventful year. Lots has happened. Happy and sad. I have decided to go back through each month of 2017 and tell you a little bit of what’s happened throughout our year. I did this last year – you can read that post here.

My Year In Review 2017


From the words of my favourite film – Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start….


Ah January, this month was a huge decluttering time. We knew our house was going to go on the market very soon so it really was just clearing up after Christmas and getting the house photograph ready! At this point I had been back to work for a few months after maternity leave so was now in some kind of routine. I was getting well into blogging and posting most days. Although I did have one huge hiccup when I got hacked. It was a horrible time and made me so upset.

You can read my post here on  – What I learned from getting hacked and how to prevent it.


February was a special month. Baby girl turned 1 years old! Her first year had gone so fast. It’s amazing seeing her grow and develop into her own little character with a bright personality. We had her last Baby Sensory class on her 1st birthday which was lovely as they made it very special for her.

Next up in February was that our house was officially on the market. We had quite a few viewings to start off with, but it was from investors who wanted it for a knockdown price to rent out for the students and hospitals workers as we are very close by to the hospital. I was unimpressed with their offers.


I felt March we were in some kind of limbo. We were having a few house viewings but it seemed stagnant. Estate agents were changed as we needed an offer to secure our new house. To put a bit more pressure on our new house build completion date was moved forward to June not July/August as first thought. The packing continued..


A rollercoaster of emotions happened this month. We went over to choose the new kitchen and carpets for the new house on Good Friday. It was so exciting! I couldn’t have the upgraded kitchen cupboard doors as were still yet to secure an offer on our house, but we chose something we both liked. The next day my father in law passed away. He had been ill for a long time but it was still very sudden. Then straight away we had an offer on our house as well. Talk about timing! I’m glad it was a lovely family who had put the offer in. It was perfect for their needs. Everything seemed bitter-sweet at the time. We had so much still to do with the house and now other arrangements to be made as well.


All I can remember about May was cardboard boxes, sharpies and brown tape. How did we accumulate so much stuff? When we moved in back in 2010 it was the two of us with a van and not a lot of things. Roll forward 7 years and we needed a HUGE lorry and four removal men! When we were both not at work it was packing. Packing with a toddler is crazy! Something I will never do again! I crammed some blogging in when I could, mostly lunchtime at work. Oh yeah but that was when I wasn’t on the phone to the solicitors trying to speed things up. We had a moving date of June 30th to aim for!


It was a rush to get everything sorted for the moving date of June 30th. In fact we only knew at 3:30pm on 29th June that it was all happening. Of course moving day would be one of the wettest Summer days possible. Typical Cornish weather!


We are all moved in! Lots of unpacking to be done. In fact as I’m writing this in December we still have boxes to unpack that are in the garage. But I’m blaming that on my next little announcement – We are having a baby! Yes, you know what they say – New House New Baby – well it’s true! At this point I hoped the morning sickness would stay away like it did with baby girl. How wrong I was!


Morning Sickness in full flow, sick morning, noon and night. After working all day I’m in no mood for unpacking so in the boxes it stays. It’s fantastic having a flat garden now. Just waiting for it to be turfed so we can go and play on it!


I can’t remember much about September as my head was down the loo – a lot! I do know that I was in full blogging mode when I could be getting all the Christmas requests in for my gift guide.


Full on blog mode commenced. I realised if I want to drop hours at work when I go back after baby no. 2 I will need to increase my income from elsewhere. Unfortunately in this day and age it takes two incomes to run a household in many homes. If I can earn a consistent income from my blog it will help us out a great deal. I have been earning a decent chunk from blogging but I need to step it up a notch from now onwards.


I had my date through for my 20 week scan at the start of December. All I could think about is will we be blessed with a boy or another girl? Financially it would be easier to have a girl as I have so much girl stuff. I’m not into that gender neutral stuff that’s everywhere at the moment. November was just a month of plodding along, planning for Christmas and writing away for the blog. Oh and the morning sickness was easing up! Yay!!


I had decided near the end of November to take it easy with blogging through this month. I wanted to enjoy all the Christmassy things with Baby girl. This was going to be her second Christmas but after this one it will be shared with her new baby sister! Plus being pregnant and working in a busy retail atmosphere is tough going at this time of year, so in the evenings I wanted to relax and enter some of the advent competitions. This year I was lucky to win a new Cosatto high chair which will come in very handy!

Well there you have it, my year in review. My year of ups and downs, and an exciting 2018 ahead when we get to meet baby girl no.2!

I wish you all a very happy 2018!

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  1. Lovely read. Thanks for sharing all this with us. It’s given me the idea to write a snippet of what I have done each month to keep for the year. Thanks and happy new year

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