Blogging Everything They Don’t Tell You

Blogging Everything They Don’t Tell You:

Blogging seems to be lurking at every corner these days, with at least one or two people you know spouting knowledge about health, sharing recipes or traveling around the world. Eventually, you might be tempted to start your own blog and to see what the world of blogging has to offer. But before you do, let’s talk through some of the things no one tells you when you start blogging.

Blogging Everything They Don't Tell You

It’s Hard To Grow

When you start your blog, you may be a little naive and think that after a month or so your audience will be in its thousands, and you’ll be making money right away. Unfortunately, it is a lot of complicated than that. Growing your following involves a lot of careful planning and work.

You can’t expect to write a post and publish it, then have hundreds of people see it right away- you need to put it in front of individuals. This is why social media is such an important part of being an influencer. Brush up on your knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to help you get ahead.


You Have To Be Consistent

As with anything, you need to be consistent to get results. Try making sure to write at least one post per week and sharing content on social media a few times a day. This way you’ll accumulate some engagement from your followers.

Blogging Everything They Don't Tell You It's Your Own Business A blog is your personal brand. It's a business in its own right.


It’s Your Own Business

A blog is your personal brand. It’s a business in its own right. You can make money from advertising and work with brands to grow your following. You, therefore, need to record your income each month, including expenditure on equipment or products, this way you can keep track of your earnings. Take a look at this Income Report as an example of how to break down your costs.

Working With Brands Is Great

Once you get a certain amount of interest and engagement on your blog, companies will take notice and begin asking for collaborations. Most of the time this will involve trying out a product and reviewing it on their behalf. This also means that you may need to open a PO Box to handle all of the PR packages you are sent. However, it does also mean you will get a lot of mail. It may seem like having mail sent to your home is the logical idea. However, it can become too much. This is why many bloggers use a virtual mail box. The process involves having your mail sent to a particular address, sorted through and scanned into a virtual mailbox for you to view.

Blogging Everything They Don't Tell You - blogging events and restaurant reviews


You’ll Be Invited To Events

Blogging can have many perks, and some of those involve being invited to product launches, to award ceremonies and even getting a free meal at a restaurant in exchange for a review. Influencers are the next generation of marketers and are being used more and more every day to help promote brands.


The Community Is Amazing

Finally, once you have entered the blogging community, you’ll see what amazing, talented people are out there. Bloggers don’t judge; they are kind, inquisitive and always supportive of fellow writers. It’s an amazing community to be part of.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope this post – Blogging Everything They Don’t Tell You has given you some helpful tips.

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