Brand Alteration: Changing Your Blog For The Better

If you feel your blog isn’t getting as much traffic as it was or you’ve hit a slump in terms of your content, giving your blog a makeover can help in so many ways. But how can we do this effectively? Rebranding and changing your blog can be about starting all over again or just changing the image. How can we change our blog’s brand to transform everything?

Brand Alteration: Changing Your Blog For The Better

Are You Rebranding Or Redesigning?

Changing your brand is a complete overhaul. When you rebrand you should focus on the niche of your content. You may decide to expand upon it or it could be a leap in a whole new direction. But if it’s a new image, this may not necessarily require as much legwork. You need to ask yourself if you are rebranding for the right reasons. Sometimes we hit a point where we need to start all over again because we’ve acquired new lessons and the old framework just doesn’t seem to sit right with us anymore. It’s something that many people can go through because they’ve either matured or they’ve gone down the academic route. But whether you’ve taken a digital transformation online course or you’ve learned solid life lessons after chipping away at your blog all these years, rebranding isn’t an aesthetic change; it is a complete overhaul.

Switching Your Hosting

A new blog can be drawing a line in the sand. If you’re changing your approach all the way down to the name, why don’t you alter the hosting? Many people may disagree with this approach. But it’s best to switch hosting for a few key reasons. But primarily, if you are having continuous trouble with the service, this can be the ideal opportunity to start afresh. Many bloggers struggle to receive adequate pageviews, this could very well be due to the fact that your site keeps going down. And if your website is not able to handle a dozen people, how are you going to be able to grow it properly? You could use rebranding as the perfect opportunity to switch your web host.

Informing Your Current Followers

Rebranding can be about throwing everything away. But even if you have minimal followers it is common courtesy to inform them of your changes. After all, they’ve given you their time over the months and years. You should inform your followers of the changes through all of your social media accounts and newsletters. Whatever platforms you use, be sure to inform everybody. And if you are changing everything, especially the website name, you need to make sure that your current followers aren’t confused and unfollow you because they think they’ve been directed to the wrong website.

A brand alteration like changing your blog is a massive undertaking. It’s not just about altering your blogs to reflect a new attitude, but if you’ve been stagnant for so long, it is crucial to cover every single base. These three points are the tip of the iceberg. And when you are looking to make considerable changes to your blog after banging your head against the wall for so long, a rebranding may be what is needed.

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