How To Keep Looking Good In Lockdown

Although we are about to start another lockdown, it’s a time where we mustn’t forget about our appearance. There are many ways to help take care of your hair, skin, and teeth during a lockdown. I will share some of these beauty tips below. Of course, I’m no expert, so feel free to share yours in the comments at the end of this.

Working from home has been a big change for all of us. As we enter our second national lockdown we are beginning to feel like experts staying at home, don’t you agree? So why shouldn’t we still dress up, put on some makeup, and brush the hair for that all-important zoom meeting? If you only feel like putting your glad rags on for your top half, I won’t tell anyone that you have your PJ bottoms and fluffy slippers on!

How To Keep Looking Good In Lockdown


So let’s start with the teeth. I was due to go to the dentist last week with my girls for a checkup (god only knows how they managed to fit us in!) but a few days before they had the sniffles and a runny nose so we couldn’t go. This means our appointment has been put back yet again. I’m not concerned at the moment with this as I have no teeth concerns. But if you want to keep your teeth in tip-top condition you must brush for at least 2 minutes a day. Use a toothpaste with fluoride in which will help to keep your tooth enamel strong. Limit sugar and acidic drinks to reduce the chance of decay. If you are feeling self-conscious about your smile due to cracked or uneven teeth then you may want to consider veneers in the future.



Moving onto your hair. You won’t be able to see a hairdresser for the next month, therefore you need to know how to take care of your own tresses. To be fair your hair should be about to look its finest as it won’t be getting blow-dried or straightened/curled, which causes hair damage. To keep your hair perfect, shampoo your scalp and condition your hair roughly 2-3 times a week. After you have finished in the shower apply serum and pat dry. Use a deep conditioner once a week to strengthen the hair follicles.


Last up is taking care of your skin. You don’t have to use hundreds of expensive products. So long as you cleanse in the mornings and evenings then moisturise to lock in your skin’s moisture you are good. If you go outside for exercise then use sunscreen and occasionally indulge in a facemask. To keep your feet in great condition, soak, use a foot file for dead skin on the heel, trim your toenails and lastly moisturise. Don’t forget to drink at least 2 litres of water a day which will keep you and your skin hydrated.

Taking Care of your skin

I’m pretty sure I’ve covered the main points for how to keep looking good in lockdown. These are easy tips for me as a busy work from home mum of two and I hope you have found them useful.

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6 thoughts on “How To Keep Looking Good In Lockdown

  1. Self Care and grooming is important for everyone. It impacts on Health and Wellbeing.

    During any times of ill health, frailty, disability, etc :- Good Regular Quality Care from another is Important. Eye Care, Dental Care, Foot Care, Hair Care / Grooming, Skin Care, etc are Important aspects that require appropriate attention and Care.

    Lockdown is a time when we have had to be self reliant, and / or have support and assistance from loved ones :- “ Nearest and Dearest”.

  2. Lockdown has had a real impact upon my skin so I’m having to make a real effort to make sure I look after it. Drinking more water has a big effect.

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