How To Get That Perfect Sultry Makeup

Doing your makeup can be a fun experience, as long as you’re trying out new looks from time to time! No one likes the routine, which means that the more you experiment, the more fun you’ll have! One way and one makeup look, in particular, that may interest you is the perfect sultry makeup look! This makeup will suit women who love to seek attention, and who want to step up their night out makeup game. Figure out how to do it in the following text! 

How To Get That Perfect Sultry Makeup

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How To Do Sultry Makeup In 7 Steps 

1. Do Your Eyes First 

The whole emphasis of this perfect sultry makeup look is on the eyes. This means that you should step up your eyeshadow game and start out with the eyes. There will be a bit of fallout, so rather invest time in doing your eyeshadow before you move onto the face. Make sure that you prep your eyelids with a concealer or with an eyeshadow base, and blend it in with your fingers. Also, have some wet wipes next to you since you’ll need to remove the fallout from your skin. Prepare a few blending brushes, and enjoy the process! Make sure that you have at least 30 minutes to spare in order to achieve this look. 

2. Eyeshadow Application 

Now it’s time to do your eyeshadow. Aim for dark brown and black colors. Apply them all over your eyelid and go for that subtle ombré transition. You should also add a smoked out winged liner since it truly opens up the eyes and gives them that exotic look. Make sure that you are patient enough since blending these colors can be a time-consuming process. Don’t forget to add a dark brown shadow to your lower lash line since this will further open-up your eyes.

3. Go For Wispy Lashes 

If you are a workaholic woman and you don’t want to spend a lot of your time early in the morning doing makeup, try to save some time by getting the right treatment! We highly recommend getting lash extensions and emphasizing your outer corners with them (go for that wispy look). These will stay on for 2 weeks, and you will love your exotic and practical look! You will also love how sturdy and low maintenance the extensions are, and they will look fabulous for day and night time wear! Just make sure you have 60-90 minutes to spare to get them and book yourself the best lash technician in town!

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4. Skip The Mascara 

There’s no reason for you to add mascara. Your lash extensions are voluminous and beautiful on their own. Also, they will look natural, fluffy, and full, as long as you visit the right lash specialist. This means that you will save so much time by skipping your mascara application early in the morning. Also, you will save some money since you won’t need to repurchase any mascaras, glue on lashes, or the glue itself. However, you can add a bit of mascara to your lower lashes for that extra and additional volume! 

5. Do Your Base 

Now it’s time to do your base. Wipe off any fallout with a wet wipe and move onto your foundation. Apply your primer first and make sure you pick the right kind. You can use a hydrating kind if your skin is dry, and you should use a matte primer if your skin is oily. After that sinks in apply your favorite medium coverage foundation. Dab it in with a damp sponge and enjoy a natural finish! Make sure that there are no creases after you’ve applied the foundation.

How To Get That Perfect Sultry Makeup look  - base

6. Set It With Powder 

You can’t leave your base looking too dewy or too sticky. This is why you should set your face with a matte powder. Women with oily skin should set their entire face by doing pressing motions, while women with dry skin should only set their T-zone. Dab the powder and enjoy fuller coverage and better wear time for the entire day! Also, make sure that you contour your face while you’re at it. Use a bronzer or a contouring shade and emphasizes your cheekbones, this will add to your sculpted sultry look!

7. Time For Lipstick 

Lastly, it is time to do your lipstick. Seal the deal with your favorite nude shade. Make sure you use a lip pencil that is 1-2 shades darker than the color of your chosen lip product. This will create dimension and will add depth to your look, and your lips will appear larger and fuller!

PS: Why not set it as well?

Also, once everything is done, why not set your makeup in place with your favorite setting spray? Just add 2-3 squirts and your entire face will stay put for the entire night! You can also bring this makeup item with you and reach for it whenever in need of moisture and hydration.

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  1. Very interesting blog post. My granddaughter is a very talented make up artist and she has managed to achieve this look on me, not sure if I would be brave enough to try it myself

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