Tips To Save Time On Your Beauty And Skincare Routine

Even though your beauty and skincare routine is important, for some of us, time is of the essence. A skincare routine that has several steps or a beauty application that takes more than twenty minutes can be difficult to fit in when you’re busy. Here are some tips to save time on your beauty and skincare routine.

Tips To Save Time On Your Beauty And Skincare Routine
Tips To Save Time On Your Beauty And Skincare Routine

Use Hair Removal Cream Instead Of Shaving

Hair removal cream takes a lot less effort than shaving does, and you’re more likely to remove all the hair in one go as a result. Always be sure to do a test patch because these creams are essentially dissolving your hair follicles and if you suffer from sensitive skin, this might not be the right option for you. There really is nothing more satisfying though than getting your leg hair and armpit hair off in one go, and for most products, the hair comes off in just a few minutes. Again, always do a trial test on a small area of the skin and if there’s any reaction, then discontinue using it.

Take Off Make-Up With An Oil Cleanser

A makeup remover can be the basic of skincare routines because it’s still the norm for a few people to leave their makeup on overnight. This isn’t healthy for your skin because no matter how breathable a makeup product may claim to be, it’s not going to do well when sitting on your skin for over twenty-four hours. Use an oil cleanser because that pulls any makeup and dirt you have on the skin, out of the pores themselves. An oil cleanser will also be good in helping to retain the moisture and water content in your skin if that’s the only thing you’re using in your skincare routine. There’s nothing wrong with doing that but just make sure you’re washing it off if the morning too.

Use Glowy Primers As A Foundation

If foundations and concealers are too much of a hassle, then glowy primers can provide you with a simple and effortless base. Go for ones that have that pearl shine effect and apply it sparingly to the face. Use it under the eyes to help deflect any dark circles and to make you look as though you’ve slept well, rather than looking as though you’ve not slept for days.

Keep A Clear Varnish On Your Nails

Effortless beauty is often hard to achieve, but when it comes to your nails, a little filing and clear nail varnish will do the job. Gives your nails a once over with the file and buff away any dead skin and add a natural shine to them. Finish it off with a layer of clear nail varnish, and you’ll have healthy-looking nails in no time. If you want to go all out, add a french tip to make it look as if you’ve just walked out of a nail salon.

A bit of time spent on your beauty and skincare routine will not go unnoticed, and it’s good for you to give yourself a bit of self-care.

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