11 Top Tips To Get Beautiful Hair

Hair hygiene is a very important step for the beauty and health of your hair. Although washing hair is a simple and everyday task. Water temperature, the amount of shampoo and conditioner, or the way excess water is removed after cleaning can positively or negatively affect the appearance and health. How often you wash your hair can also influence the quality. The different hair structures directly influence the number of times it should be washed. For beautiful, healthy, silky hair, follow these tips for the perfect wash at home.

11 Top Tips To Get Beautiful Hair

Always brush your hair

Always brush your hair before shampooing. Brushing is necessary for the products to penetrate the hair better. Hairbrushes are best suited for this prewash brushing because they prevent breakage of the strands.

Need to clean the brush every time

Check that the brush is clean. The brushes accumulate grease, dust and cosmetics residues, facilitating the emergence of bacteria and fungi that can reach the scalp and damage it. To wash the brush, mix 2 to 3 drops of alcohol in a glass of water and wash once a week.

Always choose shampoo

You should choose the right shampoo for your hair type, not the length of it. It is from the scalp that you can treat the hair since the rest of the hair is “dead”. If you want to use a shampoo that is best for your hair requirement, choose as i am cowash. As it acts as a moisturizer to the damaged hair. 

Choose proper hair conditioner

The conditioner should be chosen according to the length of the hair. The longer the hair, the greater the chances of being dehydrated as it has been exposed to external agents for a longer time.

Need to know the using of conditioner

Do not use a conditioner on the hair root. The conditioner helps to increase greasiness and, as it covers the hair pores, increases the incidence of dandruff – even more if you already have naturally greasy hair.

Effectiveness of hair products

Hair products have their time of action. Wash and let the shampoo act for 4 or 5 minutes on the hair. Do the same with the conditioner, especially if your hair is long. But it’s no use staying with hair products much longer, it doesn’t increase their efficiency.

Choose proper brush

While showering, hair usually gets tangled more easily. Then brush your wet hair with a firmly spaced tooth comb or a sturdy racket-type brush that won’t break the strands like soft bristle brushes.

Hair wash is essential

Do not forget to leave in after washing your hair. Separate the hair into strands and spread the leave-in only at length. Remember that oils oxidize with the action of oxygen in the air and suffocate your hair. Avoid, but if using, do not overdo it.

Take protection from the sun

Always protect your hair from the sun, the beach, using leave-in (even better if you have sunscreen). The leave-in forms a protective film around the hair, protecting the hair. as i am coconut cowash, used shortly after the brush or flat iron, seal the hair cuticles and treats the hair fibre. It gives the essential nutrients to the hair and adds to the glow.

Keep your hair hydrate all-time

Keep hair hydrated and get proper treatments after colouring and chemical. Hair cuticles are assaulted when undergoing any chemical process, whether colouring or relaxing and straightening. Proper hydration promotes nourishment and protection to the hair, making them silky and healthier.

11 Top Tips To Get Beautiful Hair

How to wash your hair step by step

There is no right or wrong way to wash your hair, however, some tips can be noted and put into practice. It is important to know your hair, try different products and understand what best serves the purpose of sanitizing the hair while keeping them healthy. Below are some tips to wash your hair step by step:

  • Use water as low as possible to wet the strands
  • Apply a small amount of shampoo
  • Apply to damp scalp, massaging with fingertips, never with nails
  • Rinse well without leaving residue
  • Repeat the process if you want deeper cleaning
  • Apply conditioner only at length, never at the root
  • Make top-down movements spreading the product
  • Let it act for the time indicated by the product manufacturer
  • Rinse well without leaving any residue.

This wash is different from all the other hair washes, as it helps in removing the extra rebuild on the hair which can be coagulated due to extra hair treatment and exposure to heat and chemicals. You can use this hair wash as a leave-in deep conditioner and it is beneficial for all sorts of hair which gives the hair a perfect shine and glow.

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  1. Very sensible advice. Thank you. I love the proper wash that you get in a hairdresser and often feel I could go to sleep while they massage my head. I try to replicate it at home.

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