Useful Tips For Visiting Christmas Markets By Coach

Christmas is an exciting time of year. One thing I love is visiting Christmas markets by coach. The atmosphere, the singing, the joy it’s amazing! As well as the usual Christmas markets in the UK, like Bath, the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park and Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market, there are the stunning European markets to explore. One way of getting to these markets safely is by coach.

Useful Tips For Visiting Christmas Markets By Coach

Therefore I’ve put together a handy list of useful tips for visiting these picturesque towns and cities with their Christmas markets. It’s time to discover and explore!

Explore more than one country

When you head to the European countries, it’s easier to visit more than one when you travel by coach. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland host some of the most wonderful Christmas markets in the world. So why not visit more than one on your trip? Travelling by coach means you are taken straight to the market, so no need to worry about parking. You can enjoy the buzz of Christmas and your shopping experience. You will want to use Omio – a booking and comparison coach travel website to get the best deals, so you have more money to spend!

Plan your trip

Planning your exciting trip down to every detail will be beneficial in the long run. It will save you stress, so you can enjoy the sights, shop to your heart’s content. Research the markets you wish to go to. Many of them start and finish at different times, so plan accordingly. The majority do start at the end of November and in central Europe end around 31st December.

Useful Tips For Visiting Christmas Markets By Coach

Dress warm!

Visiting the European cities at this time of year means its going to be cold. You will need to dress warm. Jacket, earmuffs, winter boots, woolly hats, scarves and gloves. Don’t forget your shopping bags!

Take the kids?

This is totally up to you. Personally knowing my two when they were babies/toddlers I wouldn’t have attempted a Christmas market with them let alone travel by coach. When my girls are older we will be going again. The Christmas markets can be child friendly places, with treats, games and activities, so it is possible to make it a family outing. One piece of advice I will give is to take the baby in a carrier. With busy streets and stalls a pushchair will be hard to navigate, Plus the baby in a carrier will be closer and safe to you.

Visiting Christmas markets by coach is much easier than attempting it alone. There are many benefits to travelling this way. Sit back, be comfortable and relax, as most coach tours are equipped with bathroom facilities, spacious seats, and friendly staff. Take the stress and worry out of your experience and get booking your coach!

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