Top Tips For Planning a Staycation With Your Family

UK holidays were often thought of as a cheaper alternative to a holiday in the sun, but the holiday landscape has changed to the point where a UK staycation can be just as exciting as a trip abroad.

The staycation trend has continued to rise in recent years, with three in ten* domestic holidaymakers (31%) plan to spend more holiday time in the UK in 2019 than in previous years – and more than half of people (52%) who were aged 25 to 34 plan to increase their UK-based holiday time. 

With young families travelling up and down the UK more than ever, there are lots of ways that an exciting staycation can become hectic and stressful, limiting the relaxing, fun time that is ahead of you, your partner and little ones. Here are some helpful tips to use when planning your UK family staycation holiday that will help you to avoid unnecessary stress.

Don’t compromise on accommodation

There’s so much choice in terms of accommodation within the UK that your experience is what you make it; from log cabins to modern apartments, it’s up to you where you choose to stay and how much cash you wish to spend, with both budget and luxury spots up and down the country. When choosing your destination, consider each family member and their idea of what a holiday should be. A brilliant holiday home option if you’re travelling down south is Sweetcombe holiday cottages in East Devon – an area of peaceful, rural landscapes and a mixture of activities such as coastal walks and local events to suit holiday-goers of all ages. There are several lush beaches and coastlines to visit nearby, such as Babbacombe beach in the seaside resort town of Torquay within a short driving distance. There are lots to keep the kids entertained after a paddle in the sea, with entertainment and shops along the coastline and a selection of cafes for a spot of lunch. If you’re visiting Devon’s seaside resorts, there’s the option to take the bus travel tours to sight-see many of Devon’s beaches all in one trip.

Top tips for planning a staycation with your family


Plan each day before you arrive

If you’re prepared with a daily plan, it will help each trip and activity to run smoother, especially if you’re travelling with children. Even planning the event or activity for each day can help to ease any anxiety and allow you to enjoy making memories while focusing your energy on family without being too restrictive and allowing free time to explore the area.

Create a packing list

There’s nothing more stressful than packing for the whole family and making sure everything from medications to swimming costumes, are packed and ready to go. To make this task less time-consuming, write a list for each person as well as a family list, consisting of items you’ll all need, such as towels, electronics and sun cream, to ensure that you aren’t rushing to pack in a last-minute panic.

Budget accordingly

It’s important to let loose and immerse yourself in the holiday experience, however it can be easier said than done while sticking to a budget. To help with this, made a daily allowance for the family that will cover food and activities to prevent you from overspending – with a little extra kept aside for those exciting, last-minute opportunities! This will ensure that you don’t return home worrying about paying for everyday bills and tarnishing what would have been brilliant holiday memories.

Try not to worry

Only rarely does everything go to plan, so don’t be hard on yourself if something goes wrong or there are a few small issues throughout your staycation holiday – this is normal family life! Allow yourself room for error and know that you’ve tried your best to prepare as much as you can. The most important part of a holiday is to savor time together as a family, so try not to worry about small issues that can be easily sorted out and forgotten.

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